The lunar New Year’s Eve dinner of a family of three in Guangdong is popular in the circle of friends

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Eve, New Year’s eve is a taste, is the flavor of the reunion, some families get together with the whole family dinner, or a few bites of eating at home, we don’t have the Chinese New Year with my parents three this year, at home to do a few dishes with the festival atmosphere, perhaps very ordinary very simple, but there is a love in food, family reunion dinner is not necessarily a big table with,Simple can eat well.As the Chinese New Year is coming, eating chicken means good luck, so there will be white cut chicken, soya sauce chicken, salt baked chicken and so on.My kids love soy sauce chicken.It is not difficult to make soya sauce chicken, clean the fresh chicken, heat the oil in the wok, put the chicken into the wok, fry the chicken skin until brown, pour into the hot water half of the chicken, add light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, cooking wine, rock sugar, ginger and spring onion.After the chicken skin is colored, cover the pot with the lid and simmer for 20 minutes, turning over halfway. When the chicken is cooked, remove it to cool and chop into pieces. Finally, pour over the soy sauce in the pot.The process of making tiger skin and chicken feet is quite complicated. You need to blanch the chicken with white vinegar, dry it thoroughly, fry it in oil until it turns golden, then soak it in water for half a day until the chicken feet start to skin the tiger. The process is very complicated, so I bought this chicken feet at the deli, haha.It can be steamed or stir-fried with green peppers or garlic sprouts.Turnip fried egg turnip fried egg turnip dried is our local flavor snacks, turnip dried salty delicious, used to fry eggs do not have a flavor.Rinse the dried radish and chop it up. Beat the egg and add the dried radish without salt. Heat the oil in a wok and pour in the egg and stir-fry until done.Fried heart mom always said, fried plants with animal oil, cooking animals with vegetable oil, so my family used to use lard to fry, fried a pot of lard years ago, every time fry a little, special incense.Medlar leaf lean meat soup recently children always said dry eyes, so cooked a lean medlar leaf soup, light, sweet, not as greasy as the old fire soup, but also under the fire, during the Spring Festival snacks to eat more, often drink some soup is a very good choice.I posted my New Year’s Eve dinner on my wechat moments. Some friends gave me a thumbs up, saying it was good and not extravagant, while some colleagues left comments saying it was a little stingy.When my mother-in-law saw this, she immediately gave me a red envelope, asking me to add food to my son, fearing that her grandson would not eat well.What do you have for dinner on New Year’s Eve?Feel free to share in the comments section.Friends who like food can pay attention to “a little cooking”, xiaobian will share different food recipes every day.This graphic works is “a little cooking” original, your attention, forwarding and comments on a little cooking is the biggest encouragement and support, strictly prohibited from bad we media embezzlement, embezzlement will investigate!