What makes Picasso the richest artist

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How did Picasso become the richest man in art?Calligraphic artists should not learn from Van Gogh but from Picasso.Van Gogh was tired of the commercialization of art. He was poor all his life, and only after his death did his works become priceless.Picasso was the richest man in the art world.What’s so good about Van Gogh’s paintings?At the age of 16, Van Gogh began to paint commercial paintings in galleries with his uncle.But he soon grew tired of peddling what he considered to be a lifetime of poor work and was soon fired from the gallery.Then his younger brother helped him with his life painting.The result?He lived a poor life, lost love, shot himself at the age of 37, and once had his left ear cut off.What makes Picasso the richest artist?What about Picasso?It’s a different story. He’s kind of the art world’s marketing guru.When he entered Paris, he was also unknown, and his work did not sell.But he did it well. He hired a few college students and often went to the big galleries to ask if there were Any Picassos.Soon the galleries were asking, who is Picasso?A lot of people looked for him everywhere, just at this time Picasso appeared, the dealers competed to negotiate with him.He invited several people to come with him every time, but every time he was the only one who entered his office. The boss was afraid that his paintings would be bought by the people who entered in front of him, and they competed for a high price. Thus, the price of his paintings was very high and very popular.What is the difference between Picasso and Van Gogh’s different fates?This is what I want to say: we can’t learn from Van Gogh, the work is only valuable after his death.We should make our calligraphy works valuable through commercial operation before we die!Why weren’t Van Gogh’s paintings worth much in life?This is the real reason why Picasso became the richest man.If you have any questions?Welcome to leave a comment, thank you!