Zhang Shijie dispatch longxi Pu town to deal with low temperature rain and snow freezing weather work

2022-05-09 0 By

On February 22, Zhang Shijie, deputy secretary of the County Party Committee and head of the United Front Department, rushed to Longxipu Town to dispatch the town to deal with the cold rain, snow and freezing weather.22, our county ushered in a wide range of snowstorm, the main traffic roads in the territory by varying degrees of impact, the road snow is thick, serious icing, to the general public’s normal life, work inconvenience.In order to minimize the impact of rain, snow and freezing on people’s lives, Zhang Shijie organized the party and government leaders of Longxipu Town to hold a meeting to deal with low temperature rain, snow and freezing weather at 24pm that day.He stressed that the town Party Committee and government should earnestly practice the people-centered development thought, have a clear understanding of the current grim situation, strengthen the sense of responsibility and urgency to do a good job in the prevention and response work, solutely promote the “knock on the door action” and “road action”, and resolutely fight the battle against the cold rain, snow and freezing weather.We will spare no effort to safeguard the safety and property of the people and the normal order of work and life.After the meeting, Zhang Shijie regardless of the night deep cold, in-depth provincial road 236 along the line, the site scheduling traffic chang work.At 8 o ‘clock on the morning of the 23rd, Zhang Shijie led the cadres and volunteers of the town to niushanka section to shovel snow and deice to ensure the smooth provincial road.Niushan Kapo long road bend, accident prone sections, snow and freezing weather especially.Snow clearing scene, Zhang Shijie and everyone waving shovels, brooms, you shovel me sweep, bath “snow” fight.Soon, niushan card section of ice and snow was eradicated clean, for the masses to open up a “safe road”.