A total of 192 major projects will be arranged in Tianxin District of Changsha in 2022

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People’s Net Changsha February 11, “the seventh day of the first month has been admitted, there are currently more than 60 workers orderly resumption of work, after two days there are more than 100 workers have arrived.On February 11, spring rain was cold, the construction site of jiefeng Base phase II project of Tianxin Software Industrial Park in Tianxin Economic Development Zone of Changsha City, Hunan Province was gradually bustling, with many workers carrying construction materials and demolishing the basement, said Li Wei, head of the project construction party.”This project plans to be capped at the end of June this year, the main body 8 layers, we plan to riveting full energy, strive for completion in advance, with practical action to practice the tianxin district of the beginning of the seventh proposed ‘vigorously grasp the implementation of the year’.”Levy said.In order to ensure the acceleration of the project, Tianxin Economic development Zone carries out the operation of leaders’ connection points, departments’ responsibility, inverted schedule of construction period and wall chart. Moreover, all the projects in the economic development zone are practiced every quarter to compare the speed, quality and efficiency, thus setting off another round of project construction boom.In tixin district Quyuan Road sewage main construction project site, workers are also in place.The project, as one of the sub-projects of dongting Qingbo action supervised by the Ministry of Environmental Protection, was launched on October 15 last year. The project overcomes difficulties such as high underground construction water level, multiple pipe networks and complex urban road traffic environment, without damaging the road surface and the way of pipeline excavation.”Last year, our workers didn’t go home until the 27th of the 12th month of the lunar New Year. We have completed seven Wells and dug more than 400 meters of pipelines. The project is 1.2 kilometers in length.After the project is completed, rain and sewage from Furong Road, Xianfeng Road and Liujiachong Road will be diverted to changsha’s sewage treatment plants, said Lou Jingfeng, the project’s production director.Without stopping, go all out.Tianxin district, a number of project construction sites, workers have entered the site, is to “tiger” full open spirit to run forward.The road to simple, solid work to.On the first day of the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger, Tianxin District vigorously implemented the project construction with strong impetus, strong support and strong momentum, and announced the concentrated construction of 14 projects including the Third phase of The Xianshengfa Incubation Base with a total investment of nearly 9.142 billion yuan.On the afternoon of the same day, a grand mobilization meeting was held in the provincial People’s Hall for tianxin District 2022 project construction and “Vigorously implementing the Year”. Only by starting off brilliantly can we win the energy of the whole year and win at the starting line, fighting for the whole year.The “First Meeting of the New Year” usually reveals the direction of a region in the New Year, and also reflects the competitive focus of the region in the New Year.This also means that the focus of tianxin District’s work in 2022 is still project construction, and is the “year of implementation”.In 2022, Tianxin District will further implement the strategy of “strengthening provincial capitals”, vigorously promote expropriation and demolition, increase investment attraction, guarantee land use factors and enhance the development momentum with the “Eight batch” major project construction action and ten economic actions as the starting point.In 2022, 192 major projects will be arranged in the district, and new projects will be started on schedule, renewal projects will be accelerated, and completed projects will be completed on schedule through the joint project system of district leaders.In 2021, The project construction in Tianxin District has delivered a brilliant report card: 10 “Top three 500” projects such as Zhongcheng Automobile were introduced in the whole year, the most in the city;Changsha Olympic Sports Center, China Telecom Tianyiyun Central South Digital Industrial Park and other projects worth 10 billion yuan achieved a historic breakthrough;Hunan Big Data Exchange, Aier Headquarters Building, Changsha Ping an Wealth Center, Golden Sunshine Logistics Phase II and other 95 projects have been put into use.Niujiaotang City village renovation phase II, lake machine shed renovation and other 31 projects to zero……In order to fully start the new journey of building a “smart heart, integrated city core”, it has pressed the “acceleration key” of high-quality development and injected new vitality of high-quality development.(Zhang Fufang Intern Peng Wenxian) (Editor: Li Shujing, Tang Lihan)