People are busy preparing for the 2022 spring ploughing in Lanzhou Yuzhong

2022-05-11 0 By

China Gansu network February 16 – (this network reporter Song Fangke correspondent Zhang Yongyan) spring returns to the earth, all things recovery, spring ploughing preparation season at present.In order to strive to achieve a “good start” to agricultural production, Lanzhou Yuzhong Yuzhong County grab catch farming, deployment of agricultural resources, maintenance of agricultural machinery, seedling selection seedling, prepare for spring ploughing.Reporter walked into the yuzhong county colorful days modern agriculture co., LTD., factory nursery center, greeted by a row of neat seedling greenhouse into the greenhouse, nursery neat hole substance, after seedling lines, lined up, growing, flourishing barn a vibrant, the workers are nervous and expertly on seedling plate.Kangyuan modern agriculture Co., Ltd. in charge of talk should yong told reporters that the company grabbed the season, actively do a good job of greenhouse vegetable seedlings before planting seedling work, for yuzhong County highland summer vegetable production to provide a strong guarantee.The current is the peak of seedling, the site workers are stepping up to make a batch of pepper seedlings orders.At present, all kinds of vegetable seedlings in the base are sufficient to meet the needs of farmers inside and outside the county.In Gansu Dayou Agricultural Science and Technology Co., LTD., Yuzhong County, the staff are working hard to expand potato tissue culture seedlings in order to prepare for spring farming production.The company take the “company + cooperative + scientific research units + farmers” model, through the use of advanced virus detection technology, stem tip stripping technology, plant tissue culture technology, form a complete set of scientific and effective refinement cultivation techniques, integrated water management technology, ensure the quality of various kinds of potato breeding, promote local further development of potato industry.Yuzhong County agricultural and sideline products purchase and sales company, agricultural film, fertilizer, pesticides and other agricultural materials neatly placed in order, a truck is still constantly to the warehouse to transport agricultural materials.According to reports, in order to ensure the production of spring farming, the company has arranged deployment in October 2021, to start the supply of agricultural materials, agricultural products market.At present, the amount of agricultural resources reserves can successfully meet the needs of more than half of the farmers’ spring ploughing production. It is understood that Yuzhong County has reserved more than 30,000 tons of various agricultural resources, overseen more than 2600 sets of agricultural machinery and tools, trained various technical personnel 320 person-times, and concentrated seedling raising 44 million plants. In 2022, Yuzhong County’s spring sowing plan covers a total area of 792,100 mu.