Shangluo charity Association held a meeting of all cadres and workers

2022-05-11 0 By

Charity public Welfare newspaper (our reporter Liu Lian) recently, shaanxi Province Shangluo Charity Association held a meeting of all cadres and workers, to convey the spirit of the “five sessions of the tenth Executive Council” and “charity work symposium” held by the provincial Charity Association.Li Xuanliang, president of the municipal Charity Association, organized everyone to study seriously and discuss the two meetings of the provincial charity association leaders’ speeches and work reports.It was unanimously agreed that in 2021, the Provincial Charity Association made brilliant achievements in helping to consolidate and expand the achievements of poverty alleviation, effectively linking up the rural revitalization strategy, actively responding to the epidemic and flood disasters, carrying out charity relief and charity team construction, and was the “leading goose” of the provincial charity organizations.Li Xuanliang stressed that the charity work of Shangluo in 2022 should adhere to one main line, that is, comprehensively promote the high-quality development of charity;Seize two key points, namely online and offline fundraising and creating digital new business;Three major projects, namely “charity happy home” project, Ci ‘an bridge project, university for the elderly and children’s home project;Four major projects were promoted, namely, serious disease relief, love as treasure and love as reading, three major festival condolence, education assistance, disability assistance and poverty assistance;Improve the five mechanisms, namely, establish the joint meeting mechanism of the municipal charity association, the foreign cooperation and exchange mechanism, the operation mechanism of the overseas charity workstation, expand the charity culture publicity cooperation and exchange mechanism, and the development and management mechanism of volunteer service organizations, so as to fully promote the high-quality development of charity in Shangluo.Li Xuanliang requirements, all cadres and workers to seriously study, deeply understand the spirit of the two meetings of the provincial charity association, clear the working ideas, clear objectives and tasks, highlight the focus of the work, work together to do a good job.Li Xuanliang also combined with the implementation of the spirit of the provincial Charity Association meeting, specific arrangements for the recent work: to actively prepare for the convening of the city charity Association four sessions of the three standing council;Hold a charity publicity work and volunteer service organization development and management work symposium;Breaking down the goals and tasks for charity work in 2022;Sign the statement of responsibility for 2022 charity work targets;We will do a good job in the election of charitable associations in counties and districts.”In the New Year, we should further improve the political position, strengthen responsibility, take the initiative, closely around the overall situation of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, constantly explore and innovate, form a strong force, strive to write a new chapter of high-quality development of Shangluo charity.”Li Xuanliang said.