Warlord son Yang Hanlie: active demotion only on the battlefield to kill the enemy, after leading the army uprising for the Liberation Army

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Yang Hanlie’s father Yang Sen is a famous sichuan warlord chieftain, he is originally a family prince, can enjoy a lifetime of glory and wealth, but he has ambition as a child, determined to throw himself into the revolutionary cause.After the Anti-Japanese War began, he volunteered to be demoted in order to be able to fight the enemy.On the battlefield, he stood on the same front with the Eighth Route Army to fight against foreign imperialism.In the war of liberation, in the face of Chiang Kai-shek’s autocratic policies, father also hoped that he could inherit the industry, struggling to resist.Yang Hanlie can understand that they can not go along with them, so in Sichuan called troops uprising on the spot, and finally became the PLA.01 Father Yang Sen Yang Hanlie’s father Yang Sen is a very magical figure, born in the late Qing Dynasty, he was originally an official in the Qing government.The feudal monarchy of more than two thousand years was overthrown, and many officials of the old Dynasty did not escape the claws of fate, but Yang Sen was completely and intact from the control of the Qing government, and became an old-style warlord with a heavy army.In 1908, Yang Sen entered the Sichuan Army Accelerated School, where he began to learn both theoretical and practical knowledge.In 1910 he joined the Tongmenghui, and three years later he joined the Sichuan Army, defected to Xiong Kewu, and took part in the Second Revolution.After the failure of the revolution, he was arrested by the Dian Army, but was appreciated by the general Huang Yucheng, stay in the side to do the adjutant.Attended a series of the nation after the war, yeung sum slowly out of the yunnan army, and went to wu p ‘ei-fu’s appointment, his fighting ability to gain the higher attention, and in 1924, under the support of the wu p ‘ei-fu, he come back, to conquer the Xiong Kewu troops occupied the sichuan, became very effective warlord, head of sichuan region.It is worth noting that several of Yang Sen’s classmates in the Sichuan Army Crash Course, such as Pan Wenhua and Liu Xiang, later took refuge with Yang Sen after his rise to power and became the core figures of the Sichuan warlord group.Since his appointment, Yang Sen, the dominant governor in Sichuan, has pushed through the new Policy.He vigorously promoted infrastructure construction, building roads and reservoirs to improve people’s livelihood.In addition to this, but also to fight against feudal ideas, banning women’s foot binding, against polygamy, to a certain extent to promote the emancipation of the mind.Janssen’s approach is unique among Chinese warlord leaders.Janssen had a very high position among the old warlords and naturally had great expectations for his sons.Janssen had more than 20 women and more than 50 children in his life. His family was so prosperous that he did not worry about their food, clothing, shelter and transportation. What he worried most was the succession of his own estate.Yang Sen had always hoped to have a son to succeed his warlord career. He was also influenced by feudalism and believed in the primogeniture system, so he put all his heart on Yang Hanxing, the eldest son.So in the early stage, he spent all his efforts on the eldest son, pay attention to his education, sent him to military school, let him learn some skills after coming back to inherit the industry.Who knows Yang Hanxing went out to learn, come back unexpectedly disobedience Yang Sen, hope he can give up the army, but also the people peace, this makes Yang Sen very angry.Helpless under, had to put the hope on the second son Yang Hanlie.Yang Hanlie was the most distinctive of Yang Sen’s many sons. His purpose in joining the revolution was not to inherit his father’s industry, but to truly contribute to the development of China’s cause and seek happiness for the people.02 threw himself into the revolution was born in a warlord family, his father for his eldest brother to place the expectations of the people, Yang Hanlie could have been like other warlord prince like rich and luxurious life, but Yang Hanlie did not do so.Growing up, their father is very strict with their education.When Yang Hanlie was at school, he knew that the motherland had entered a difficult period for the people of China, and any Chinese should devote themselves to the team of saving the motherland. He did not give up himself because of the identity of a prince, and was determined to join the revolution since childhood.His father sent him to a military school, but before long, the Japanese invasion had infiltrated the Great Wall, and Yang han-lil applied to join the resistance corps. His father also supported him.Yang Sen was also very proud of his son who knew how to fight the enemy at a young age. He was glad that his career had been inherited, but at the same time he did not dare to relax his guard. He did not want to promote his son to a very high position based on his own identity, but hoped that he could start from the grassroots.Yang Hanlie also knew that he could not be treated differently, so he joined the army and became a second lieutenant trainee staff.Before long, full-scale war had broken out against Japanese imperialism.Yang wanted to go to the front, but his father refused because he feared his son would die in one of the cruelest and most dangerous parts of the war.His father did not allow him to go to the front, but still did not stop the pace of Yang Hanlie, he took the initiative to enter himself for the Huangpu Military Academy, after two years of systematic learning, to exercise themselves into a physical quality is very tough fighter.After graduation, he asked to be demoted so he could go to war and became a lieutenant platoon leader in search company of the 133rd Division.The national war against Japanese imperialism led by the Kuomintang was a war of the whole nation. The Kuomintang and the Communist party turned swords into plowlines and began to cooperate for the second time, forming the anti-japanese national United front.All over the country, whether farmers, soldiers or traders, became a force against foreign aggression.Although the war lasted for 14 years, it was a long and arduous battle, but the people united as one with the same goal to fight against the foreign forces of aggression, and the victory of the war was what the whole nation hoped for.However, after the end of the national war, Chiang Kai-shek unilaterally broke the peace agreement and started a civil war.Yang never understood why Chiang did this.A few years ago, they had fought in the same line with their brothers in the People’s Liberation Army, and now they were to become enemies and kill each other. He did not know what the meaning of the war would be when it was over, nor did he understand Chiang Kai-shek’s obstinacy.He did nothing until he knew the situation, and when it became clear that Chiang kai-shek was waging war for his own selfish ends, he decided to surrender and join the People’s Liberation Army.In the late stages of the war of liberation, the Chinese army retreated in rout.Father left before the hope on Yang Hanlie, I hope he can regulate the army to inherit the industry, one day out of the siege.But Yang Hanlie knew it was wrong to do so, so the uprising on the spot, joined the PLA.China’s warlord infighting lasted for a long time, among which the most powerful forces were the Sichuan army, the Hunan army and the Guangxi army. In a short time, Yang Sen became the most powerful leader of the Sichuan army.After becoming famous, Janssen focused on raising his son in the hope of inheriting the business.Although Yang Hanlie was a hero since childhood, but he has a very firm goal, is the liberation of China, return to peace, so he and his father’s idea also runs counter to.After the liberation war broke out, the Kuomintang army fled Taiwan.Yang Sen confessed to Yang Hanlie to inherit the industry, but Yang Hanlie in the war of liberation for three years, from beginning to end did not confront the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army, but he also gathered all the strength in the uprising, took refuge in the People’s Liberation Army.