Why do cats have such different personalities?Was it that all the good cats were taken away?I don’t believe it

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On the Internet, I always see two kinds of extreme cat images. Some cats are gentle and can be said to be “mother’s good son”, but the other kind of cat, as if you owe it money, has no good temper for you all day long, touching it depends on the mood.So why are cats so different in personality?Is it true that all the good cats are taken away by others?Because some cats treat you like masters, and some cats treat you like servants.First let’s talk about how cats treat you as their owners.From a very young age, cats have the habit of following their mothers. They will take care of their young and teach them survival skills.This habit continues into adulthood.If cats think of you as their owner, they will follow you around and stick to you when you eat, sleep, or go to the bathroom.Mother often helps her kittens lick their fur when they are young.When you are with your master, if they approach you and even show you their belly, it is a naked touch!They want you to treat them like you treated your mother.And not like some cats, touching it depends on his mood.When cats are young, their mothers will bring them food, and kittens will remember this behavior and keep this habit.When cats grow up, they will catch sparrows, mice and even snakes from the wild as their mothers do. If the owner sees the bodies of these animals in front of his house, please do not be afraid. In fact, this is the cat’s “filial piety” to you, it is an act of love for you.So what about cats that use their owners as babysitters?Some cats are very, very indifferent, not because they can’t hear or understand what their owners are calling them, but because they don’t care.Other cats may come when they meow, but some just “play dumb”.It doesn’t love you.Cats are territorial animals, and their territorial awareness is not only reflected in other animals, but also in humans. If they think of themselves as the owners of the home, they will fight you for territory.If you want to lie down in bed or on the couch, they’ll come and fight you over the place and tell you they’re in charge.3, like the demolition of some cats, like the cat world “two ha”, all kinds of demolition, how noisy he does not work.If you don’t do what they say, you will not only destroy your home, but bite you.If this shovel excrement officer is not educated, the cat will be even worse in the future.If cats think of you as their owner, they will be happy to use you to pet them.On the other hand, if the cat refuses to be touched by its owner and scratches or bites because of your touch, that means you have no place in its heart!It’s not that your cat has a bad personality, it’s that she doesn’t treat you as a master.A really good cat is clingy, and you’re a tool man who only wants to come when he’s fed.Fry kittens at every turn, they should be obedient ah, who also don’t want a docile cat, if the cat every time to fry you, a look will attack you, so you have to be careful, your identity may not even servants, but the enemy!In fact, if you want cats to be owners, you should teach them from an early age not to overindulge them, to touch them with your heart, to let them know that you are the master of the family and the one who gives them food, not to put the cart before the horse, and you can’t relent when it comes to punishment.