Attention yunnan people!Concino COVID-19 vaccine is an option for sequential booster shots

2022-05-12 0 By

There are still many people who have not received booster shots against COVID-19.Booster shots can now be “mixed” as an option, and the National Health Commission has begun to deploy sequential booster immunizations.Cosino Bio’s COVID-19 vaccine, Kvetha, also became the first adenovirus vector COVID-19 vaccine approved for sequential booster immunization in China.Previously, most people in The country received two inactivated doses of the vaccine.Next there will be two options, one is the previous shot of two inactivated vaccine, the booster shot is still inactivated vaccine, belongs to the homologous enhancement;The other type of vaccine is two inactivated doses of adenovirus vector COVID-19 vaccine or recombinant protein vaccine, which is a sequential booster, also known as “heterologous vaccination”, is commonly known as a mix of shots.Who is eligible for vaccination?According to the new sequential enhanced immunization deployment, the target population above the age of 18 is required to be “mixed”. At present, they have been fully vaccinated with novel Coronavirus inactivated vaccines from Sinopharm Beijing, Sinopharm Beijing and Sinopharm Wuhan for 6 months.People who have received their third dose of COVID-19 vaccine are not eligible for sequential booster immunization.For example, the first two doses of inactivated COVID-19 vaccine from one manufacturer and the third dose of inactivated COVID-19 vaccine from another manufacturer are all vaccines with the same technical route and are not sequential booster immunization.Is “heterologous” better than “homologous”?A sequential immunization study supported by a team of experts from the National Health Commission’s vaccine Research and development Team has shown that antibody levels decrease over time after COVID-19 vaccination.Sequential inoculation can increase the immune response by complementing different mechanisms, which is equivalent to giving the body a double “protective barrier” from different technical routes, playing the role of 1+1>2.A number of studies have shown that both homologous and sequential enhancement are effective against omicron variant strains, and sequential inoculation can obtain better immune effect.Experts warn that the public should continue to take good personal protection and tell doctors about their health.After vaccination, the patient should be kept under observation for 30 minutes. In case of adverse reactions related to vaccination, the patient should report to the vaccination unit and seek medical treatment in time.(Reporter Li Fang)