Beijing: Strengthen the prevention and control inspection of hospital infection in medical institutions to maximize the prevention of potential hospital infection

2022-05-12 0 By

Beijing commercial daily news (reporter Yang Yuehan Zhao tianshu) on February 2nd, epidemic prevention and control work in Beijing COVID 18-19 281th press conference, deputy director of the Beijing WeiJianWei, news spokesman Leon, Beijing health supervision system with the epidemic situation, adhere to the problem oriented, emphasize on the main point of supervision, strengthen the responsibility main body,In order to find loopholes in the epidemic prevention and control work, supervision, law enforcement and inspection will be carried out in an all-round and multi-turn manner through coordinated efforts in urban areas, combined with point-to-point and simultaneous inspection and reform.Beijing continues to follow a problem-oriented approach and strengthen inspection of hospital infection prevention and control in medical institutions.Strengthen the bottom line thinking, guard the red line of preventing hospital infection, and focus on the “1+3” fever clinic, nucleic acid testing for inpatients and their caregivers before admission, closed management of inpatient wards, implementation of disinfection measures, external environment monitoring, regular nucleic acid testing for staff, and monthly special meetings for infection control.Spot check 259 medical institutions of various types in each district, for the problems found have been urged to set up, and feedback the local further follow-up review.At the same time, nosocomial infection experts will cooperate with designated hospitals, standby designated hospitals, secondary and tertiary hospitals with confirmed case trajectories and many problems in early supervision to carry out supervision and inspection, so as to timely identify budding problems of nosocomial infection prevention and control, and maximize the prevention of potential risks of nosocomial infection.