Luxury intermediary into millions of years behind: to prevent jump single, sometimes secretly recorded customers to see the house

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Recently, stars Zhang Jie, Xie Na couple were accused of buying a luxury house “jump” things triggered a hot discussion on the Internet.A luxury real estate agent in Shanghai said publicly that he showed Zhang Jie and Xie Na around the house twice in June 2019, and they later refused to buy it, saying they didn’t like it.However, he found that they contacted the landlord privately, bypassing the agent to buy the house and avoid large brokerage fees.Based on the price of the house at 62 million yuan, and the 2% commission common in Shanghai’s housing market, the listing fee is more than one million yuan.Therefore, around the mansion transaction jump single, high intermediary fees and other issues, the mansion intermediary circle has also been widely concerned by the netizens.The new Yellow River reporter through a number of luxury intermediary to understand, luxury intermediary income is indeed not poor, the year into a million yuan of people many, deep cultivation of luxury trading market 11 years of Xiao Zhao is one of them.His family is from a rural area in Hunan province. Through the sale of luxury houses, he has bought a house in Shanghai and opened a company. In recent years, he plans to buy a luxury house.Xiao Zhao said, luxury intermediary circle, jump single thing many.”If the homeowner or homebuyer jumps out of the intermediary, he can save millions, even tens of millions of intermediary fees, and he will definitely jump over you.Rich people buy luxury houses and ordinary people buy the same, but the price is high.”To preserve evidence, luxury agents sometimes secretly record their clients’ viewings.”We need to protect our own interests, and when we meet customers who feel there is something fishy, we will hide something.”Mansion transaction jump single common, many intermediary annual income million at eleven o ‘clock at night, Xiao Zhao just ended a live broadcast.He is 33 years old and has been a luxury property agent in Shanghai for 11 years.”Young and experienced.”Speaking of his experience, he is a bit proud, which has attracted many fans to ask him about luxury deals.That night, Zhao in the live encounter a luxury rental demand after 90 girl.According to her account, she spent hundreds of thousands of yuan just tipping anchors.”She also had two accounts with hundreds of thousands of dollars in tips.By the way she spends her money, I think this is a good potential customer.”Xiao Zhao told reporters.Recently, because “Zhang Jie Xie Na bought a mansion jump single” storm, Zhao often in the live was asked about the jump single transaction in the mansion.”No wonder, standing in front of interests, who may take risks jump single.”Millions of commissions, in the luxury intermediary circle is not uncommon.In the fourth year, xiao Zhao’s annual income reached one million yuan.Xiao Zhao said that the commission of the mansion is generally 3% of the transaction price.”For a house of 10 million yuan, the commission will be 300,000 yuan. After tax, I will get about 80,000 yuan, excluding the company’s share.”And in the eye of intermediary of many cursive house, 400 square metre, the house of 20 million above just calculates cursive house.”The higher the price, the higher the commission, and there are a lot of people making millions a year.”In the face of high commission, almost every luxury intermediaries have experienced clients jump.Zhao once showed a house worth 200 million yuan, and in the final stage of the transaction, the client found another broker to buy the house, “probably only charged him a little introduction fee.”Mr. Zhao said he could end up with a commission of about 1 million yuan if the deal goes through with a broker fee of 6 million yuan.Encounter customer jump order, xiao Zhao’s experience is to retain good evidence, through legal channels to solve.”If there is enough evidence, we will definitely prosecute the customers who jump orders.”House viewing videos or chat logs can be used as evidence.”Learn from the experience, I feel the client has something to do with, will accompany him to see the house secretly recorded video.”I’ve met too many people, and I have a good psychic connection.”Zhao said most luxury clients are very sensitive to privacy issues and would certainly mind being photographed or even videotaped by agents, “but we also want to ensure that our own interests are not violated.”The resources are mainly promoted by each other within the circle, and each client has great potential. “The real estate agent is my first job and the only job in my life.”In 2011, after graduating from the sports major, Zhao also thought about staying in hunan.”I have a teaching certificate and can work as a local physical education teacher and live comfortably but not well off.On second thought, my parents had spent their whole lives in a small place, and I wanted to give them a better life.”Xiao Zhao’s goal is clear: “make a lot of money.”When he graduated from college, Xiao Zhao heard that sales were the most profitable.”I chose three jobs, selling cars, houses and walk-ons.”After entering the line of housing intermediary, he began to specialize in luxury houses, “did not do ordinary housing intermediary, just want to deal with the rich.”In the summer of the graduation season, Xiao Zhao arrived in Shanghai by green train with 500 yuan and 3 bags of luggage.In order to save money, Zhao lives in a group rental house, with seven families living in a house of dozens of square meters.He lived in a small room converted from the kitchen, which could only fit a single bed.”Two meals a day, order one dish and two portions of rice, divided into two meals.”In 2014, Zhao completed his first big order — a mansion worth 80 million yuan. It took him four or five months to make it.”Fortunately for this one, short-term tracking was done.”Xiao Zhao said, under normal circumstances, do luxury business, to track two or three years, or even four or five years to make it, this “some houses sell ten years also can not sell, depending on what kind of customers and landlords.Small zhao says, the person that buys a person of extraordinary powers is not everybody imagines “regard money as a number”, also can bargain to intermediary price.”They will bargain according to the rules of their industry.For example, as a financial client, he knows how much a fund is annualized and will bargain in this way.”In Xiao Zhao’s career, the deepest memory is a customer who has been tracking for three years. He talked about two or three houses but failed. After the final negotiation, he introduced many customers to him.”As long as his friends around him buy a house, they will recommend me.”Another luxury intermediary Xiao Gao also said that the luxury circle is mostly recommended to each other.”The clients of luxury houses are basically regular customers. They not only have a luxury house, but each client has great potential.When you gain a client’s trust, their shops and other properties are handed over to you.”In addition to being a luxury house intermediary, Zhao began to expand online we media communication in 2020.Every day, Xiao Zhao will update a short video, more for the mansion introduction.Zhao said, luxury holders are generally the leaders of all walks of life, high privacy requirements.But some people are keen to share their homes.”I will contact the landlord in advance and get permission to shoot.”A year down, Zhao shot at least 300 sets of luxury homes.Take one day off at most every week and work until midnight.After busy work, every two or three days, around ten o ‘clock in the evening, Xiao Zhao began his live time.”The offline market is becoming more closed and there is a need to capture the online market, which also attracts more new customers.”Luxury agents are different from ordinary real estate agents. Before buying and selling houses for clients, they need to carry out in-depth background checks on the owners.They typically work with a lawyer on their investigation, and they also ask insiders or other familiar clients for information.”Very rich people have a very clear division of assets.People who live in old houses in Shanghai are not rich, and when they have a very expensive house, there are often disputes over the division of property.”Mr. Zhao said he had sold old houses, but only for owners with clear property rights and no mortgages or disputes.”If it’s particularly difficult, we won’t take it.After all, the transaction amount is huge, the situation is clear enough to dare to do.”Facing high returns, luxury intermediaries are more calm than ordinary intermediaries.”The higher the amount, the more cautious the transaction, it’s too risky.”Luxury agent Xiao Gao told reporters that his colleague once took over a luxury sale, no mortgage and loan, but has not seen the owner.The house was seized the day before the transfer.Xiao Gao’s evaluation of luxury intermediary is “what all want to understand, asked immediately answer”.In addition to the property related information, current affairs news, economy, law and other aspects to set foot in, “must be professional, the customer’s problem 3 seconds did not answer, he will feel you are unreliable, luxury customers’ time is very precious.”In addition, Xiao Gao deliberately mentioned, “our luxury intermediary industry, superior students are not lacking.”He graduated from a 211 university in south China. There are many overseas students in the company he works for.The new Yellow River reporter interviewed an old house intermediary in Shanghai less than, she said, house intermediary and ordinary luxury intermediary entry threshold is different, “at least graduate”, she is a 985 college graduate.Luxury houses also have chains of contempt.”In Shanghai, old houses are at the top of the list, followed by big suburban villas and big flat floors in the center of the city.Young people will choose to live in the city center, they won’t have much money.Middle-aged people have a house in the city, enjoy the prosperity of the city, will go to the suburbs to buy a big villa.Most of those who identify with Shanghai culture and value the historical value of old houses are big families who have worked for more than three generations.”Xiao Zhao also mentioned, in his eyes of the Shanghai first old house – Yan Jia garden, “commission as high as 30 million, sell it is a luxury intermediary circle dream.”In the face of the public for luxury high intermediary fee questioning, Zhao believes that the value of luxury intermediary worthy of the price, “a lot of people will ask me, luxury intermediary value of these commissions?I will ask, give you a house of 100 million, can you sell out?”(Source: New Yellow River Client)