Shandong Taishan first sign exposure!Guangzhou team “big fish” 0 price to cast, can completely replace Xu Xin

2022-05-12 0 By

There are still two months to go before the start of the new season of the Chinese Super League (CSL). Two months is not a long time, but it is not a short time.There are few domestic matches these days, but there is a lot of new news about transfers, renewals and policy for the new season, which adds to the fun when there are no matches.With fixtures, transfer quotas and the possibility of a further wage cap still to be decided, clubs are not making much of a splash in terms of signings and there are fewer big fish in the transfer market than ever before.Shandong Taishan as the new season league, fa Cup double defending champion, the new season’s goal is certainly higher than last season is not low, since last season can achieve results, then this season there is no reason to lower the standard.In addition to the league, the FA Cup is still aiming for the championship, and if conditions permit, the Asian Champions League should also strive for good results.Compared to last season, taishan has not made the move to introduce, but first lost 3 main forces, respectively is on loan to stay the main striker Guo Tianyu, has not officially announced to join seaport Xu Xin and the loan expires Jadesong.Xuxin basically is in a state of near officer xuan, harbor aspects will return to training after big probability officer xuan xuxin, lost central midfield xuxin, although not make hristo cast a layer of leather, but the impact is bigger, the good local midfielder is less, this time was dug to direct title rivals, more substantial losses.So the midfield position will be the focus of the Taishan team to strengthen, can reduce the loss of Xu Xin’s departure, can only be the level of national players, good domestic midfield can be counted on one hand.According to sources in China, Taishan have already found xu’s replacement, guangzhou’s new international liao Lisheng, who has become a “big fish” in the market for the current sluggish domestic league.The transfer of Liao Lisheng has basically entered the final stage, taishan fans can get off the tree, and he will be the first signing of taishan this winter.Also is to let the fans see taishan team for the new season or have a higher goal.Liao Lisheng level while some not, but in front of the mentioned in the present domestic players, a good few holding midfielder, able to enter the national soccer team and has proven he can at least be in the same position in players 3, 5 or even before Liao Lisheng 28 years old, age is more appropriate, his contract with the guangzhou team has until the end of last year,So Taishan team can like last year free xu Xin as free him, but the contract number of years need to learn from a fall, it is best not to sign a year + priority renewal such conditions, after all, as long as the good play may be free to be poached by others.Liao Lisheng has been with Guangzhou Football Team for 9 years, but he has not been the absolute main force of Guangzhou Football Team. Last season, because of the departure of the team as a foreign aid, he became the absolute main force and played quite well, so he was recruited into the National football Team.Liao lisheng can attack and defend. He can score goals, assist and pass dangerous balls in attack. He is also good at tackling, intercepting and clearing in defense.I believe in taishan team with the help of Sun Zhuhao, Liao Lisheng can also have a good play.