Tengzhou City Dawu town: I do practical street lighting for the masses to warm the hearts of the people

2022-05-12 0 By

Before the Spring Festival, the newly installed 55 solar road lights on the streets and lanes of Yuan Qian Village, Dawu Town, Tengzhou City, made it a thing of the past for villagers to “walk in the dark” at night. The street lights lit up the rural roads and warmed the hearts of the people.Xing Ping, the “First Secretary” dispatched by Tengzhou Chenlong Group in Shandong province, learned from the visit and investigation that the original street lamps in the village were old and disrepair, and the lighting effect was not good. Moreover, only the main road had street lamps, and there were no street lamps in fourteen alleys. At night, the alleys were dark, making it very inconvenient for villagers to travel.In consideration of the villagers’ urgent wishes, the “First Secretary” took planning the installation of street lamps as the top priority of the village before the Spring Festival, and immediately set about making a plan for the installation of street lamps throughout the village.Considering the weak collective economy of the village, the subsequent cost of electricity and maintenance of street lamps is also a large expense. After consultation with the two committees of the village, it is decided to install high-efficiency solar lamps on the main road of the village, and install the original replacement lamps in the alley after repair.After the plan was formulated, Xing Ping reported the situation to the Dispatched unit Chenlong Group Party Committee in a timely manner. The Party Committee of the Group attached great importance to it, gave full play to the mission of the state-owned enterprise, actively undertook social responsibilities, arranged and coordinated funds quickly, and ensured the timely construction.Under the active coordination and promotion of the “First Secretary”, more than 50 high-efficiency street lamps have been installed on the main street of Yuanqian Village, and all alleys have been illuminated by solar lamps.After the street lamp is put into use, it not only facilitates the villagers’ travel, but also propagandises the green life concept to the people. The majority of villagers are praised by the village and The Two committees.