Tian Shaoyun: Spring Breeze (Tong Yun)

2022-05-12 0 By

Sightly spring breeze qiao girl, singing and laughing sleeve shuang.Shake grass green wave swing, slow dance seedlings green wave Yang.Blow up north dike peach and plum rui, call the south shore of Su Willow buds yellow.Brush painting, beautiful mountains and rivers gallery.About the author: Tian Shaoyun, female, born in Xichuan, Henan province, now lives in Zhengzhou.In Zhengzhou Bairong Mart professional wine wholesale, main wine, foreign wine;Also engaged in maotai and other domestic wine wholesale.Honest management, seek win-win.Along the way, there are many strangers become customers, and from customers into a friend who can be entrusted with nothing to talk about, I choose sincerity, you choose trust.Thank you!