Xi ‘an Economic and Development Zone: weave a tight “safety net” escort the opening season

2022-05-12 0 By

As the new semester approaches, schools in xi ‘an Economic and Technological Development Zone have taken various measures in accordance with the requirements of the municipal and district Epidemic Prevention and control Departments to make preparations for the new semester.After opening two small organizations on the campus environment for a comprehensive health renovation and elimination.Focus on the classroom, corridor and restaurant and other places for sanitation, environmental disinfection and ventilation, to provide a good learning environment for students.After opening a small school to strengthen personnel management, master the staff holidays their own health monitoring situation, requiring staff to go to work with health monitoring ledger and nucleic acid test negative results, do not careless and omissions.At the same time, strengthen the management of key places, do a good job of cleaning the campus environment, insist on the ventilation, cleaning and disinfection of key places such as classrooms, libraries, reading rooms and canadolescents, and ensure the quantity of epidemic prevention materials to ensure daily disinfection and use.At the same time, the teachers came to the school in advance to get books and sort out the textbooks, so as to make full preparations for the registration day of the new semester.