10,000mah battery +256GB storage, down to 1,299 yuan

2022-05-13 0 By

There are a lot of users don’t play games, also don’t take photos at ordinary times, this is too expensive, high performance of mobile phone is not a rational choice, such as some old people user groups, their most valued or life, they usually make a phone call, send messages, or even watch a short video, you start with 2 k panel, Xiao dragon 888 chip such as mobile phone, but not so good experience, performance is redundant,It just increases power consumption.Currently on the market of mobile phone is equipped with the largest battery around 10000 ma, and current meters OV brands, such as mobile phone battery capacity is limited, but the tone, gold instant mobile phone brand battery capacity, call mobile phone sales is not bad, just not in the domestic market, the brand is one’s self, know at home dozen however China m OV.Today we are not talking about transsion mobile phone, but gionee released a M30 business phone.Gionee (main life, because a lot of business people are looking for life, of course, everyone is not business people, but want to start with range of mobile phone, also can consider to gionee (that can be bought for their parents and grandparents used, the machine now sells more populist, 8 gb + 256 gb version has dropped to 1299 yuan, is likely to be welcome the New Year,It’s a little bit more generous.Because it is the main business phone, so in terms of appearance design is unique, quality is remarkable, the matte frosted fuselage, the power button and volume buttons red color for the ornament, unlock the area like a camera and fingerprint security shield, is said to be 90 days after 40 pairs of hands and elaborate, every detail is meticulous,Highlight the year “gold quality, establish the world” slogan, the exterior design is not worse than the 8848 mobile phone wang Shi endorsement, but the price is much cheaper.Battery life has been mentioned before, Gionee M30 carries a 10,000mah battery, the battery of charge bank level, so that you are full of security at all times, because some people have high requirements for battery life, especially in the service industry, the customer is God, if the mobile phone is often out of power, it will cause the customer’s repugnance.Of course, as a backup machine, this mobile phone can also be used as a charging bank, supporting OTG reverse charging, which can be full of the power of two iPhone 13 Pro Max. It supports safe fast charging body, charging while playing is not hot, the machine supports 25W fast charging.With a metal body and a 10,000mah battery, the phone is not a high appearance phone, but a practical phone, equipped with Mediatek P60 chip, stereo dual speakers, Type-C port, 3.5mm headphone jack, and 3D infrared face recognition for business people.Joined the encryption chip and encryption system, for your data security to provide a strong guarantee.Write at the end:From the perspective of performance, Gionee M30 is indeed not as good as many thousand yuan machines, but from the perspective of battery life, Gionee M30 is unbeatable, if you need a battery life mobile phone, you can completely consider this product, now 8+256GB version dropped to 1299 yuan,The price is more close to the people than before, as a mobile phone, is the king of 1000 yuan, or it is worth getting!