Farce, controversy at Manchester United!Aoki steal joy, fans: the temperament of the elite all have no

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Manchester United have also been dogged by rumours of late and the team are keen to rebuild their morale ahead of the second half of the premier League season.But there was a controversial decision within the team.Greenwood has the support of several players in the squad, with some of united’s players exposed in the British media.”Greenwood is innocent until proven guilty,” they said. “It would be wrong for the team to exclude Aoki without taking legal action against him.They should continue to support Aoki and show him what United can do.Some of the players were angry at United’s treatment of Greenwood, which they felt showed a lack of unity.The Manchester United player’s comments have caused controversy, as some of the club’s players believe greenwood is innocent as long as he has not been arrested.I want to back him up and bring him back to practice and play and show the unity of the team.It seems that the media exposure of the existence of the prince gang is true.With greenwood in such bad shape, he still has players willing to support him.However, it can be confirmed that the group of players supporting Greenwood, which does not include Cristiano Ronaldo, Cavani and Benifit, have distanced themselves from greenwood on social media.Greenwood now knows he has teammates in the locker room behind him.After all, normal people think his United career is over.I can’t believe anyone would support his return!The fans said: “Manchester United really don’t have a big club anymore. The team just doesn’t have the right values. No wonder there hasn’t been a success in rebuilding over the years.”