Liu Shikun, 83, refuses to give up having a baby. His wife is planning to have a second child

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In “Night in Wan Chai”, lai Yiu-cheung, 57, revealed that his child had already graduated from university at the age of 25.Tse was surprised, in the side of Chen Xiaochun is unbelievable, but I can see that they are very envious.Why?Because Tse and Chen Xiaochun are 3 years younger than Lai Yiaoxiang, but their children are much younger than Lai Yiaoxiang’s children.Tse’s son is six and a half years old, his daughter is three years old, Chen Xiaochun’s eldest son is more than eight years old, and his youngest son is only one year old.Li Yaoxiang can now retire, live their own life, but Tse and Chen Xiaochun also have to continue to struggle, to earn milk powder money for children, tuition and fees, living expenses and so on, Tang Sheren jokes: “You have to continue to be actors for 20 years!”Chen Xiaochun said with a serious face: “at least 15 years!”Whether it’s 15 years or 20 years, they’ll be in their 70s and 80s by then. It’s sad to think that they’re still acting.Therefore, when they saw Lai yiu-hsiang so free and unrestrained, their hearts needless to say, were very envious.However, like Tse and Chen Xiaochun as “old son” celebrity stars, in the entertainment industry is not rare, the following, for everyone to check the entertainment industry 10 “old son” stars, the largest 81 years old.1. Andy lau, 51 years old female Andy lau was born in Hong Kong, China in 1961 and is today one of the few across shadow, see, the song of staggering development one of entertainment stars, he appeared in a number of famous TV series, such as “giant”, “the deer and the cauldron”, “Yang warrior” and so on, also made a lot of classic movies, such as the mongkok Carmen, handsome siblings, the hurt locker, etc.He also released many albums, such as “Freezing Rain”, “Gong Xi Fa CAI”, “Sweetheart Baby” and so on.Since his debut 40 years ago, Andy Lau has become a huge hit. He entered the short video platform in 2021, attracting 41 million fans with just three works in one day.This shows how popular Andy Lau is.Some people say: red 10 years, is a star, red 40 years, is Andy Lau.Can red so long, no matter ability, or character, Andy Lau can be said to be the model of the artist.Andy Lau’s career is undoubtedly very successful, but what about his marriage life?According to media reports, lau met Chu, 20, in 1986 when he was 25, but kept their relationship secret for career reasons.Their romance only came to light when they registered their marriage in 2008.In 2012, Chu, 46, gave birth to a baby girl for Lau, 51.For his youngest daughter, Andy Lau is extremely fond of her. He not only gives up all his work to accompany her, but also spends at least 300,000 yuan a month to make her and her mother live well.Born in Hong Kong in 1953, Chung formed the band Winna with Alan Tam and others in 1973. As the lead singer, chung wrote several hit songs, such as “As Long as You Live Better than Me”, which are still sung today.Later, the band broke up and Chung switched to movies.In 1978, he won the Golden Horse Award for his first co-starring film, The Story of a Small Town, with Lin Fengjiao.But emotionally, Zhong Zhentao is not very smooth.He had two marriages, the first to his ex-wife, Zhang Xiaohui, who was spendthrifty and blindly engaged in real estate speculation at that time, which resulted in 250 million yuan in debt.After the divorce, Zhang xiaohui left Zhong with a son and a daughter, as well as huge debts.Kenny bee time poor, at that time, a woman called fei jiang went into his world, fei jiang not only through their own ability, 2 years to help Kenny bee paid off all his debts, also became the Kenny bee’s wife, in 2004, also for 51 Kenny bee gave birth to a female, in 2010, again for Kenny bee gave birth to a daughter, at this point, Kenny bee is 57 years old.Speaking of Harlem Yu, surely everyone is no stranger to him. In recent years, he has become famous again through frequent exposure in the Voice of China.Harlin was born in 1961 in Taipei, Taiwan, with a prominent family. In 1986, Harlin made his debut with the album “Sad Singer”. Since his debut, he has released many classic pop music, such as “Let me love enough once”, “Love must Have”, “Only for You” and so on, which has been sung by many men and women.It can be said that Harlin’s career is quite successful, but the marriage of feelings, Harlin is particularly bumpy, he and Yi Nengjing married for 9 years, on and off, did not expect to end up parting ways.Yi later married her husband Qin Hao, who is 10 years younger than her husband, while Harin married anchorwoman Zhang Jiaxin, who is 13 years younger.In 2017, Zhang jiaxin gave birth to a girl for Harlin. In 2018, the couple had a boy. Harlin was already 55 years old.Born in 1954 in Taipei, Taiwan, Luo Dayou is known as the “Godfather of Taiwan pop music”. He is both a musician and a songwriter. He composed many famous songs such as “Childhood”, “It’s All About” and “Tomorrow Will Be Better”, which are chanted to this day.In 1990, he wrote the theme song of the film “The Swordsman” with Wong, and was awarded the Golden Horse Award for “Best Film Theme Song”. His album “Queen’s Road East” was released in Hong Kong, and all four songs in it reached the top three charts in Hong Kong.In recent years, Luo has also reappeared in the public eye as a mentor on The Voice of China and The Voice of China.Luo Dayou career is very prosperous, but the marriage feelings are more twists and turns, in 1999, he fell in love with li Lie for 11 years married, did not think after 1 year, two people divorced.In 2010, he married Elaine, who is 11 years younger than him. Two years ago, Luo Dayou said he did not want to have children, but two years after their marriage, luo Dayou gave birth to a daughter. Luo Dayou, 58, was delighted to become a father.Qi Qin, born in Taipei in 1960, is one of the greatest musical talents of the 1980s.His music “About in winter”, “The Outside World”, “Night and Night”, “Match Heaven” and so on, are very popular.”About In Winter” also won the 11th Top ten Chinese Songs Awards in Hong Kong.In 2014, he appeared in the third season of The Voice of China as a mentor, and his songs became popular again.Qi qin’s career was impeccable, but his love affair with the goddess Wang Zuxian, with whom he had been together for 17 years, ended in divorce.”About in the winter” that classic song, is qi Qin for Wang Zuxian creation, we sing now, still can feel qi Qin’s love and reluctant to give up.After a vigorous love, Qi Qin was fifty years old.At this time, a small oneself 24 years old rich princess broke into his heart, two people talked for a while after falling in love, walked into the marriage hall, 2011, two people gave birth to a daughter, in 2014, two people gave birth to a son, 3 years hold two, both children, the first half of the love bumpy Qi Qin, the second half of life should be quite happy.6. Chen Xiaochun, 53 years old son as mentioned before, Chen Xiaochun’s youngest son is more than 1 year old, that is to say, he was 53 years old son.Chen Xiaochun was born in 1967 in Huizhou, Guangdong province. He dropped out of junior high school and went to Hong Kong with his father to make a living. In 1985, he joined TVB dance training class.He was originally a backup dancer for such pop stars as Alan Tam and Anita Mui, but in 1992, his boss noticed him singing Alan Tam’s “Flower in The Water” at the celebration party. After that, he, Tse hua and Chu Yong Tong formed the “Wind and Fire sea” debut.He went on to star in classic films such as “Young Men”, “The Departed” and “Black Men”, and was best known for his role as the pheasant in “Young Men”.Until now, he was affectionately known as “Brother Pheasant”.Chen Xiaochun’s career is quite successful, he and Ying CAI er’s amour is also talked about with relish.In 2010, Chen and Ying Got married. In 2013, they gave birth to their son Jassper. In 2020, Ying gave birth to a second son for Chen, who was 53 years old.Tse is the same age as Chen xiaochun, also born in 1967, and the two have similar experiences. In 1995, he also appeared in The movie “Bad Boy,” Chen became a hit, but he didn’t. After that, he played a walk-on role until 2009, when he played Laughing brother in The Movie “Student Cop sniper.”When he won the best Supporting Actor award at the TVB Star Awards, his acting career was on the right track.And his nickname “Laughing Brother” is still known to this day!He and Chen xiao chun cooperation many times, on November 17, 2021, and two people as the main guest, participate in variety shows a night for the wan chai, about “earthly fireworks” gas, together with food and music so many warm city in the night, with many years of her career to harvest the optimistic positive attitude, anxiety, cure many diners heart very worth a look.Laughing married Laughing agent Li Tien in 2005. Ten years later, the couple had a son, a girl, in 2018. Laughing is now 51 years old.Born in jinzhou, Liaoning province in 1948, Wang Gang is best known for his roles in many classic TV dramas, such as Prime Minister Liu Luopan, The Toothless Ji Xiaolan and The Young Jiaqing.Among them, the most famous is the Heshen in Tieteeth Tongya Ji Xiaolan, after that, he played a total of more than 320 episodes of heshen in several dramas, known as the professional heshen.Ho-shen, who has three marriages and two children, has a rich relationship with a simple screen role.The first was his marriage to Xiao Du, an announcer with a song and dance troupe. They had a daughter, but they divorced after only a year of marriage because Wang was too busy with his career to care about his family.The second is with singer Cheng Fangyuan, whom she married in 1996 but split up five years later for undisclosed reasons.Wang gang met his wife Zheng Yandong online in 2005, and they fell in love with each other. The following year, they registered with the civil Affairs Bureau.In 2008, Wang Yandong gave birth to a boy, who was 60 years old.Born in 1951, Zhang Jizhong is a well-known producer, producer, actress and director in China.He has been involved in the production of many famous films, such as The Swordsman, Tian Long Ba Bu, The Deer and the Cauldron, etc.In 2017, he also received the second Chinese TV Industry Lifetime Achievement Award. In career, Zhang jizhong may be called fame and fortune, but in love, not so smooth.His first marriage was to Fan Xinman, the director of Moving China. They lived together for 12 years before they got married, but they divorced a few years later.Later, Zhang jizhong married Du Xinglin, 30 years younger than him. Before 2020, they had a son. In 2020, they gave birth to a daughter, Zhang Jizhong, 69 years old.Born in tianjin in 1939, Liu Shikun entered the Central Conservatory of Music in 1951. In 1958, she won the second place in the Tchaikovsky piano Competition. In 1978, she was invited to perform at the White House.From his acting road, we can know that he is a piano genius, has a remarkable musical talent.External evaluation: Liu Shikun’s music is as beautiful as poetry, with rich connotation and extraordinary enthusiasm, which is well known at home and abroad.In 2018, he married his student Sun Ying. In November 2020, Sun Ying, 37, gave birth to a daughter for Liu, 81.Sun ying added: “It’s not difficult to have more children in the future.”It is reported that Sun Ying is currently preparing to have a second child. At this time, Liu Shikun is 83 years old.As ordinary people, many of us are pushed to get married by our parents by the time we turn 30 or so. If we are not in a relationship yet, we feel even more anxious.But after watching the above 10 stars who “have children in old age”, I found that everyone has their own time zone, some people have good conditions, get married early and have children early, when they are old, their children grow up and don’t have to worry about themselves, life is free and happy.But some people, because they have to fight for a career when they are young, can only push their emotional life back, so they can only get married and have children at the age of 40 or 50. They only have children when they are young, and their marital life is not bad either.Therefore, marriage and children, no one priority, who lag behind, as long as according to their own pace of life, our happy life will come as scheduled.For more highlights, check out the cat you found on the road