Siyuan School in Jingyang District and Xinzhen is earnestly preparing the first class for the spring semester of 2022

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In order to ensure the safety of teachers and students and actively build a safe and harmonious campus, more than 200 teachers and students of Siyuan School in Jingyang District of Deyang City, Deyang, attend the first class of safety and health education on February 17, 2018.In the first class of safety and health education, the school’s safety chief welcomed the safe return of all students.Later, he put forward clear requirements for the relevant safety matters to the students.It is forbidden to bring controlled knives and any other tools that harm others into the campus.It is forbidden to play with dangerous toys on campus.No tinder is allowed on campus.Use school tools (e.g. pencil sharpener, compass) safely.Get along well with classmates, not to pick quarrels, cause contradictions.Up and down the stairs, walk lightly on the right. It is forbidden to run, chase and jump rubber bands in the corridor. It is forbidden to climb high buildings and dangerous objects, and it is forbidden to climb the guardrail of the teaching building and the classroom window.In order to prevent falling in front of the kitchen, do not run when eating in rainy or snowy weather.Use electricity safely, do not touch the power supply.It is forbidden to chase, slapdash, play and make dangerous games on campus, do not do dangerous games and activities during the break, and do not run in the corridor and stairs.After school in the afternoon, residential students are not allowed to go out of the campus at will, and day students are not allowed to stay in the school or on the road, and go home on time.Pay attention to safety in school work, such as sweeping the floor, cleaning Windows, moving tables, etc., to prevent accidents.Then, the person in charge of traffic safety, off-campus activities safety, food safety and so on made a detailed explanation.Finally, the person in charge of the spring semester forest fire prevention requirements, hope students do not carry fire into the forest.Safety alarm bells ringing!The school finally proposed that the students start from now on, the word “safety” in mind forever, manage their mouth, manage their hands, manage their legs, and strive to develop a scientific, healthy life, civilization and discipline of good living habits.(Wang Jun correspondent Xie Ruihong, Chen Mingcheng, Zeng Caibin)