Zhangjiagang Agricultural Commercial Bank received taicang Agricultural Commercial Bank 6.05% shares, become the main shareholder

2022-05-13 0 By

Beijing Business Daily news (reporter Song Yitong Li Haiyan) On the evening of February 10, Zhangjiagang Agricultural commercial Bank issued a notice, announced the completion of investment in taicang agricultural commercial Bank.The announcement shows that recently, Zhangjiagang Rural Commercial Bank obtained the approval of the Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, through the agreement transfer of taicang rural commercial Bank part of the legal shareholders held 66.0008 million shares.Up to now, the above matters of the stock delivery has been completed, the bank is now holding 6.05% of taicang Rural Commercial Bank of the main shareholder.Zhangjiagang Agricultural Commercial Bank said that the bank has set up suzhou branch in the Suzhou area, and has three different branches in Kunshan, Changshu, Wujiang, the taicang Agricultural Commercial Bank with its own capital investment participation, is conducive to improve the bank’s business layout in the Suzhou area, better service in the region of “agriculture, rural areas” and county economy,We will further strengthen support for serving micro, small and medium-sized enterprises as well as urban and rural residents to promote the sustainable and steady development of the bank’s business.It is understood that on October 25, 2021, Zhangjiagang Rural Commercial Bank issued the resolution announcement of the seventh meeting of the seventh board of Directors, deliberand passed the “Proposal on Investment participation in Taicang Rural Commercial Bank”, agreed to subscribe to the shares held by some legal shareholders of Taicang Rural Commercial Bank, the total price of the transfer is not more than 280 million yuan.