On the three giants of the weather, Camille Jes ushered in a big drop in temperature, steady into her points!

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Hello, everyone!I’m Lao Zhang.In league of Legends mobile games, in order to ensure the balance of the game, for some “thorns” heroes, will also carry out some processing, in order to better deal with the balance between the game, so that other heroes also have excellent play space.So this kind of balance adjustment can be said to be very frequent, just recently, league of Legends mobile games ushered in a new wave of adjustment, this adjustment directly let the top three giants change the weather, Camille Jess ushered in a big drop in temperature, steady she became a point of choice!Steel blue shadows for all on a single hero, steel blue shadows on the absolute is a lot of rare tiger balm of solo hero, compared with other heroes, steel blue shadow not only has a strong ability of change, at the same time its own excellent to spell damage as well, plus the big lock provided by the person ability, even with teammates cooperate together,Qinggang shadow can also give full play to its own strength.In the group, a green steel shadow can even do a person to contain the opposite of multiple heroes, big recruit directly staring at the C release, so that, at least there will be auxiliary to protect, plus the single back row, a person can contain three heroes!However, with the update of the version, the damage of Qinggang Shadow will be reduced, so that the combat ability of Qinggang Shadow can be said to be greatly reduced.The future guardian can say that Jess the hero in the single position, is no problem absolutely single brother, compared with other heroes, no one can say that a hero in the single position stable suppression jess.Jess double sets of skills, let him in the line of time to take advantage of the consumption of gun form, hammer form burst and repel, so jess can easily without injury consumption.Jess is the excessive limelight, however, in the case of a subsequent adjustment, jess attenuation, the damage will be base damage by 58 down to 52, this means that jess middle pressing force decreased, coupled with the strengthening form to reduce the damage, have to admit, jess’s strength has been down, subsequent completely not afraid jess!Wrist hao wrist hao thunder can be said to be as big as his tone, the tone of hubris, unique style of kill matt, let the wrist hao has just launched, there is a lot of fans, but also have to admit that jess online ability is absolutely the best level of existence, the former can with wrist hao to spell basically do not have a few, the so-called single four sisters,He’s pretty weak against a celebrity.And once let the wrist in the middle and middle successfully established the advantage, then to the middle and late wrist is very ferocious, holding the opposite front row to the back row to hit, but also cause additional damage, plus three skills pull, basically no one can play!However, brassy is too ferocious, has recently reduced a lot of stats and output, can be expected to fall out of the ceiling.The blade of exile compared with other heroes, banish the blade should be the hero was very versatile one exists, is a fairly good output ability, and shields, control, and melee C cutting ability are relatively stable, as long as let the hero to get a smooth development environment, then developed after the exile of the blade can be stable play their own role.Moreover, the hero of Banish Blade tends to be stable, and compared to end games, the crit flow gameplay is stronger in the early and middle stages!Most importantly, banishment Blade is an old hero, and the mechanics and values tend to be balanced, so there won’t be much change in the short term, so if you want to stabilize the score, she is definitely a safe choice!So the above is all the content of this issue. How do you feel about the choice of Raven?Welcome to the comments section exchange!I am Lao Zhang, looking forward to your attention.