Real time ligue 1: Nantes win 1-0 at home to Reims

2022-05-14 0 By

Nantes played reims in the French League at 22:00 On February 13, 2022.The two teams drew 1-0, with Nantes beating Reims.In this match, the tempo was dominated by Nantes, with 48 per cent of their attacks extremely dangerous, putting reims under considerable defensive pressure.Nantes organized a total of 13 shots, 23% of the shots threatened rance’s goal, one attack through the defensive line into the goal, while Rance organized the whole 8 shots, no effective shots, and 3 shots were aimed at the goal.Nantes received a yellow card, Lance was a yellow card warning by the referee, a serious foul, received a red card, the visiting team Lance in the away battle, large scale foul more frequent.Except for this game,Montpellier VS Lyon 04:00, Lyon VS Nice 20:00, Monaco VS Lorient 22:00, Angus VS Strasbourg 22:00, Brest VS Troyes 22:00, Clermont VS St