Semi-mature Lovers: How many of the 10 guests have children?Laura king can be anything. She’s amazing

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In love with the “semi-mature lovers” the eighth issue of more, Tong Yao chat with Zhou Nan mentioned her own views for children.This is one of the lightning spots that this program keeps bringing me to watch.First, Laura said at the beginning of the program that she “has a lovely friend”. Then, When Wang Nengneng was dating Laura, he said that he also has a friend. The two can communicate happily with each other and cherish each other and have a lot of topics.Tong yao has long known that she has a baby, but has not spoken in such detail about her life with the baby on the show.Show tongyao and in speaking of her marriage, she is only in early 2021 with the husband divorce, her husband is a French citizen of Chinese origin, two personal feeling good, tongyao also love at first sight for her ex-husband, just because want her husband lived in France for a long time, but she had no way to go to France to live for a long time, two separate people.Bao Bao lives with Tong Yao. Tong Yao loves bao Bao very much, because she herself grew up in a single family, so she wants to give her baby the best.The baby is not well, she was on a business trip, heard the baby had a fever, she could have rushed back regardless of what.’A woman with a baby is like a kite with a string,’ Ms. Tong said. ‘No matter how high you fly, there is always a string pulling you.’No matter where you go, your child will always be your concern.But she never regretted giving birth and thanked God for such a wonderful gift.Tong Yao thought very thoroughly, her cognition is that there is no unmarried young girls in the marriage market have more advantages, and the standard is also higher.This point wang Ziwen also talked about at the beginning of the program, love in your 20s is to have someone to accompany you, do not want to be alone, as for the three views did not involve too deep, are quite confused state.But by the age of 30, love is more like icing on the cake than a lifeline.Like in the 10 guests, good appearance, but high levels are conditions, has a good figure, income and high population at the same time, they are no longer dependent on another person to meet their food and clothing live line, for such a person, is no longer wanted to take his own energy to please another person, it is looking for a can make yourself comfortable, happy, chat,People who do not burden themselves in all aspects.In fact, it’s not very common to be in your 30s, married or having kids.I just have some expectation in my mind, which can also be said to be too idealistic. I think those who are on the show are old and have excellent ideas that are different from ordinary people. They have very high requirements for marriage and high standards for themselves, so they stay single all the time.Lola says little about her previous relationships and marriages, except that she has a very cute little friend.It’s understandable that everyone might have a story they don’t want people to know about.Just from the experience of Laura getting along with others in the program, she should not have too many sweet love, wang can prepare breakfast for her, take her out on a date, she said that she has never had such experience, even went to Disneyland with her son, did not go alone.When Wang Nengneng was dating Lola, Lola mentioned that she had a child. Wang nengneng said that he wouldn’t mind, and his family and friends wouldn’t mind, because he also had a daughter.In fact, from all aspects, Wang Nengneng and Laura are more suitable, Wang Nengneng also likes Laura, Laura and Wang Neng can get along with more comfortable.At the same time, both of them have children, and also have more topics and insights.But Laura is still waiting until the end, not into life, who knows what will happen in the end.Adult relationships may be like this. Knowing that the other person is committed or not interested in you will end a fruitless relationship in a very dignified way.Even the recording program, will not be too for the program effect and wronged themselves.By the end of episode 8, one guest had already left early.He left a letter, but also left a small gift, looks like mung bean cake, guess may have been no chance to show their own rain city.After reading the resume form of 10 guests, I am more sure that wang Yucheng is the one who left, because he is really busy in 2021.Some are sweet, some are sad, and some are perfect. The program “Semi-Mature Lovers” lets us see how people with over 30 years make choices in love, and how they should express their love and pursue with higher eq. For young people, it will also increase a lot of experience and trigger more thinking.