The man covet the beauty of blind date object to lend money to each other for many times, unexpectedly bought a lesson

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In recent years, under the banner of love to the other half of the implementation of fraud examples numerous, these men and women cheat money means, can be described as multifarious, really abhorrent, so deep love of men and women, be sure to shine eyes, do not in order to the so-called face, their hard money to borrow, often the end is only an increase in sorrow.Small bright (not his real name) and lesser (a pseudonym) is through the understanding of the matchmaking, small bright rich, generally, but looks out of the door is a luxury car, a house also many sets, and the lesser have no money, but a looker, go out is a taxi, rented in single apartment, in principle, the two family circumstances are not matching, is unlikely to have as a result, light but can small fan because of each other’s beauty,Although the other party puts forward unsuitable after having a meal for the first time, still be devoted to small elegant.Text and text has nothing to do, only with pictures can not think of, small bright spoony, and did not change the acceptance of small elegant, instead, the other side again and again to cheat, small bright this just suddenly realized, the other side is just a love as a cover, to their implementation of fraud.Xiaoya and Xiaoliang meet on the grounds of repeatedly asked xiaoliang to borrow money, as little as 3500 yuan, as much as 6000 yuan, to pay the rent, the cost of keeping pets, the cost of buying cosmetics, at first Xiaoliang thought this was each other’s test to him, to test him willing to spend money for themselves?So are responsive, until the lesser borrow more and more, and he didn’t feel right, even though lesser said they would pay for many times, but she also just saying, however, when the small bright put forward to meet, lesser with all sorts of reason to push to take off, gradually wake up bright, directly to the lesser showdown, borrow all the money to repay her before,But the money she borrowed from Xiao Liang had been squandered, and there was no money to return.Fortunately, the matchmaker who introduced the two people on a blind date knew Xiao Ya’s parents, and her parents had to pay back the money for her due to face, but for Xiao Liang, it was really a lesson.Anyone else might not even be able to find him.In the name of love to the other half of the real cheating example, in fact, earlier we also reported many times, I hope we should still be vigilant, dangerous rivers and rivers, the heart of people can not be without ah, is not handsome and good-looking, must be reliable.