Wang Junkai’s Spring Festival trivia was exposed, the whole incarnation of Wang Dejian, fans Shouting more is not enough to see

2022-05-14 0 By

Chun-kai wang after the lunar New Year special show interview released its latest trivia, after kai answered a lot of interesting problems in positive, many netizens have been the answer to kai joke, small and medium-sized kay full embodiment in the latest tidbits “king Dui Dui”, media also borrowed from kai of the stem to classic propaganda, trivia interesting fun all the way,Fans after watching directly shout media can put some more tidbits, not enough to watch.Kai New Year special programs has not officially ends, the media have released a little kay interview behind-the-scenes footage, and media named attracted many netizens, media reports said “chun-kai wang incarnation steal heart language artist wang Dui Dui three seconds on the scene, please get ready to paper towel to prevent laugh tears, hold the handle in advance in case of being handsome soft legs,Charge it up in case you can’t watch the whole video. Fox will be sad if anyone misses it.”This little kay’s video interview although very short, but very wonderful, every second in trivia, kai ping pong, is pointed out that “which is about to complete the task of” hit, but kai very shrewdly answered “if I cant be no tasks”, kai this answer also can not help but let host laughed, kai is really a clever plan.But in the end little kay is very to force to stand in front of the pitch circle, just getting too close to the little kay stands, the interviewer suggested that a little bit to stand behind kai, stood in the front is not challenging, kai is back a few steps, later also very close to little kay’s inner monologue to play out “in the outcome of the challenge I desire and her success”.I saw kai very easy to pick up the table tennis throw a few times, and then did not hit.In an attempt to ease his embarrassment, He asked the interviewer, “You don’t fake the ball, do you?” The interviewer was shocked, but the question was just a joke, and after making the shot, Kai took out a piece of paper.In the later stage, she also used slow motion to make many hand controllers feel the exquisite charm when Kai took things.In the end, Kev also picked up the tiger and signature drawn by himself, and then took a group photo for the camera. This standard pose was also ridiculed by the media, which was similar to some award accepting poses.Later, the media teacher suggested to Kai with a smile that he hoped Kai would not have to take his painting and just pat it. Kai also said “Morning” very directly. Kai’s answer was really interesting.Finally, Kai also chose a tiger claw glove. Kai was very immersed in the whole feeling of taking photos. In the later stage, the subtitle “After shooting tiger claw, I will go off work” was put on the side of Kai’s picture.Media not only that, the teacher back to kai fan seeks the welfare, gaps in a record, not only has a record of a reservation in kai trivia, even the whole process of kai use crayons to draw a tiger is a camera to record down, kai and smile really is too beautiful, little kay looked at his painting finally could not help but laughed.It’s amazing, and it’s not just that Kev is dressed to the nines.The content is also very interesting, but how long this piece of trivia is not very long, and so many fans have said they did not see enough, don’t know if there are no other tidbits media can put out, and next year’s kai benmingnian, don’t know the little kay painted the rabbit will not good than the tiger, the more looking forward to the next interview tidbits exposure.