2422 day!The Ministry of Education selects these excellent courses and recommends them to primary and middle school students across the country

2022-05-15 0 By

Recently, the Ministry of Education organized the selection of “basic education quality courses”, a total of 14,799 quality courses, covering 9,158 primary and secondary schools.On this basis, the Ministry of Education organized experts to evaluate the recommended quality courses from the aspects of target content, teaching process, teaching resources and technical standards, and publicized the evaluation results. Finally, 2,422 ministerial-level quality courses were determined.Among them, there are henan Experimental High School, Zhengzhou Foreign Language School, Zhengzhou 19 senior High School and other schools from Zhengzhou, Luoyang, Xuchang, Nanyang and other places of the selection of high-quality courses.The platform is rich in resources and all courses are free. Next, the Ministry of Education will launch all ministerial-level excellent courses on the National Smart Education platform for primary and secondary schools, and continue to carry out the selection of “Basic education Excellent Courses”, leading more teachers to devote themselves to the research of course textbook content and improving classroom teaching level.Gather more high-quality teaching resources to serve students and teachers;Promote the sharing and use of high quality education resources, accelerate the improvement of rural education quality;Vigorously promote the application of high-quality curriculum teaching resources to serve the high-quality development of basic education in the new era.