Don’t expect them to initiate contact, no matter how good the relationship is

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Cancer, Taurus and Virgo are passive and rarely make contact with friends.As the saying goes, the same rice breeds all kinds of people, which refers to the different thoughts and behaviors between others and ourselves. Some people are enthusiastic and generous, and they are easy to get along with others and often go out with others.However, some people are passive. fortune column named three zodiac signs. Even if they are close friends, they will not take the initiative as long as the other party does not contact them.Taurus personality passive slow familiar, especially in interpersonal, for most people, they take the initiative to contact, is impossible.Therefore, if you want to get to know them better, you will have to get to know them better, at least at the beginning, because Taureans are afraid of making love and have little confidence in their social skills.Virgo save face, in social relations is very passive, so never let yourself into hot face stick cold ass embarrassment.In addition, Virgo mind sensitive, for other people’s emotions will have a subtle feeling, plus their own easy to imagine things, basically will not take the initiative to contact, in the circle of friends often evaporate, but this does not mean that Virgo is cold, difficult to get along with, they just worry about disturbing each other’s life.▍ crab crab character kind, gentle and polite, but quite passive in interpersonal relationships, only take the initiative to contact to each other, they will respond, the reason is that they are worried about their suddenly contact, will bother to each other, on the other hand they also want to take this and see if the other party’s care about yourself, if each other for a long time no contact, this heart will feel frustrated.