From xiang Ling’s study of poetry, we can see the author’s approval of her

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ZhenYingLian snatched away when I was at the age of three or four, raised for more than ten years old, was sold to Feng Yuan and sold to xue fan, also triggered the lives because of this lawsuit, so to speak, in her growing up, almost not affected by their native families, but grew up in the raising of the kidnaper, elbow to such as she grew up to fetch a good price, may also let her eat satisfied wear warm, however,Not so much cultural education or artistic cultivation.If she had grown up with her parents, she would have received a better education. Her father, Zhen Shiyin, was a man of considerable cultural accomplishment. The article describes him as follows: he was a god of first-class character, who did not care about fame and fame, but only enjoyed watching flowers, making bamboo, drinking wine and composing poems.If you had grown up with your father, you would have been culturally nurtured.The family structure of Zhen Yinglian and Lin Daiyu is very similar: there is only one young daughter in the family. The father has good cultural accomplishment and is very noble in conduct. It can be imagined that if Ying Lian has been growing up under the care of her father, she must be as knowledgeable and courteous and noble as Lin Daiyu.Although Ying Lian grows up in the hands of kidnapper with extremely abnormal condition, when she follows Xue family to Jia Fu, became Xiang Ling, in her heart, still has strong desire to be good to the United States.In the 48th session, after being beaten up by Liu Xianglian, Xue Pan was embarrassed and decided to go on a business trip. Xiang Ling followed Baochai to live in the Grand View Garden. As soon as they entered the garden, Xiang Ling asked Baochai to learn poetry.Baochai did not agree to teach Xiangling.Baochai had her own understanding of reading. In the forty-second chapter, she said to Daiyu, “Men are not wise in reading, so it is better not to read, let alone you and me….It is only necessary for us to do needle-weaving work; but we can understand the writing again, and we know it, but it is all right to read it in earnest; the last thing I am afraid is that some writing may discompose me and make me helpless.”– Baochai did not approve of reading even to an aristocratic lady. A concubine like Xiang Ling, who was making a concubine for a vulgar man like Xue Pan, must have disapproved of reading and writing poems even more.Bao Chai’s disapproval is for Xue Pan’s sake as well as xiang Ling’s: the more different they are in culture and art, the more difficult it will be for them to live in harmony. If they can’t live in harmony, both of them will be happy.Seeing that Baochai refused to teach her, Xiang Ling went to Daiyu and said, “As soon as I got here, I found time. If you can at least teach me how to compose poems, it will be my fate!”Daiyu did not refuse. “If you want to write a poem, you must worship me as your teacher.I can teach you in general, though I don’t know.”Daiyu immediately explained to Xiang Ling the basic rules of writing poems, offered to lend her books, and took the trouble to help her revise poems again and again.Embroidery, plaiting and cutting are also skills that Xiang Ling has access to, and there is no shortage of such teachers in the Grand View Garden. However, what Xiang Ling wants to learn most is to write poetry, and despite Baochai’s disapproval, he will learn it.Do you want to learn poetry so much because you envy the ladies in the grand View garden when they make poems together, or because you have the gentility and nobility in your nature?It’s hard to say.The return of the 48th time is “Abuse of love and Human Feelings misthink of recreational arts Mu Ya Nvya Poetry Collection”, which is very ironic: Xue Pan was beaten because of abuse of love, Xiang Ling learned poetry because of Mu Ya, such two people, originally are not the same people, unfortunately, by the hand of fate arranged on the same boat.