One step away from 21 crowns!Rafael Nadal 3-1 Beretini in his 29th career Grand Slam final at Australian Open

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Rafael Nadal of Spain reached the Australian Open men’s singles final 6-3, 6-2, 6-3, 6-3, 6-3, 6-3, 6-3, 6-3, 6-3, 6-3, 6-3, 6-3, 6-3.And his 29th Grand Slam final.Spain’s Nadal has won 20 Grand Slam titles in his career, including 13 at the French Open and the “King of clay” title. The Australian Open was nadal’s worst grand Slam performance, reaching five finals and winning only one title.She was defeated in the semi-finals of the 2021 French Open and missed most of the rest of the tournament until the end of 2021.To nadal enhance vitality again after 2022, Australian open after warm-up before the award for the championship, into the first two rounds of Melbourne victory, the third round 3-1 victory, just, the fourth round the first encounter, super tiebreak beat Reno, eight is to resist the stomach five sets beat the sand wave shuvalov, broke through the Australian eight curse.Nadal in the semifinals against the tournament will be the seventh seed, The Italian great Beretini, the latter in 2019 us Open for the first time in the last four, into 2021 Beretini continued to grow, Madrid station for the first time in the Masters final, The French Open lost in the last eight after the Wimbledon to create a personal Grand Slam history, all the way to the final.Beretini as the seventh seed in the Australian Open, the first two rounds of victory in Brandon Nakajima and Kozlov, in the third round of the right foot sprain difficult situation in five sets to beat the alcaras supernovae, then 3-0 victory busta, in the last eight is another five sets to beat Monfils.The two had previously met in the 2019 US Open semi-finals, when Nadal won in straight sets.In the first set, Nadal, who took the lead in serving, was tied at 40-40 in the first set, and then continued to serve points to complete the service. In the second set, Beretini entered a slow service game and made a series of errors to send 15-40 break points. Nadal then continued to press his opponent’s backhand, and Beretini was forced to return the ball out of bounds to lose the set.Nadal went on to save for a 3-0 lead.Nadal kept the break until the end, winning the opening set 6-3.In the second set, Nadal quickly broke beretini’s serve and forehand again in the opening stages, winning a series of 40-15 break points to take a 2-0 lead.Deficit to berea tiny increasingly irritable, this bureau nadal hit after receiving with the forehand winner straight points, 40-15 in hand, the break points in a row, berea tiny save after three break points, round of 16 pat in berea tiny backhand stalemate net-suspended sends out the fourth break points, to build the advantage of berea tiny next serve situation,Coming to the net, he made another mistake and lost the game.Nadal broke for a 4-0 lead, saved beretini for a 5-1 lead, and then held on to serve for a series of points at 30-30.Nadal won the second set 5-2, and after the score was tied at 30-30, Nadal continued to serve points to win the second set 6-2. Beretini failed to get a break point in the first two sets and was outmatched 24-7 by unforced errors.In the third set, Beretini was tied at 40-40 on his first serve and then served a series of quality saves, but nadal could not force a break point opportunity in the third game.Their hair berea tiny state of slow improvement, finished first in the seventh lovegame protect hair, nadal in the physical ability of fluctuations in the eighth inning started to fall, is taken out and then aided by slapping a straight line through the points, then berea tiny high quality receiving pressure feet, nadal sent back is taken back to the ball netting 0 to 40 break points in a row,It was beretini’s first break of the match, and he was on a straight shot to win the set 6-3 and recover from a 2-1 deficit.The fourth set match, the opening stage is still the rhythm of their respective hair, Beretini service state continued to improve, the first three service bureau are completed lovegame hair, Nadal service bureau seven once suffered impact, Beretini in 30-30 level after failed to force a break point opportunity, Nadal hair 4-3 lead.In the eighth game, beretini’s service errors under pressure began to show up, with the racquet sending down break points in succession. Beretini saved break points by winning an extra shot, and then serving out the set with two straight errors as Nadal broke for 5-3.Nadal then served out the winning game, surviving a double fault in the opening period to regain the advantage and win the fourth set 6-3.In the end, Spain’s Rafael Nadal played even better, beating seventh seed Beretini 3-1 to reach his sixth Australian Open final.The match lasted two hours and 55 minutes, with Nadal completing five ACES and two double faults to Beretini’s 14. Nadal scored 69 percent of his first serves and 74 percent of his first serves.Beretini led 38-28 on the winning points, but he made 39 of 19 unforced errors and broke one of his points with two break points, while Nadal broke four of eight.