What is the scenery along the road in xinjiang winter, the second day of the lunar New Year together!

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As is known to all, alone the library in xinjiang highway since opened to traffic, only half a year time is open, due to abnormal winter alone library roads and steep, so time is closed for half a year, can say that no one has ever seen in the winter the sole repository of highway landscape along the way, what is today is the annual lunar calendar, let’s take a look at during the Chinese New Year, the scenery alone library highway.The starting point of duku Highway is dushanzi Grand Canyon. The snowy grand Canyon in winter is even steeper and precipitous, lined with grey mountains and continuous stone cliffs, as if a dragon would soar out of the canyon.In such a steep, gloomy canyon, but there is a very small and fresh landmark, forming a lovely contrast.Do not forget to take a photo with this landmark if you are clocking in on the Dooku Highway in summer.Beautiful road signs pointing to distant cities in China, although it is far away from inland cities, but here to see a small arrow pointing to my hometown, does it suddenly give me some sense of intimacy?Every time we arrive at dushanzi Grand Canyon, we will feel the extraordinary beauty of the motherland, and the cliff as if boundless, looking from the cliff to the bottom of the cliff, will be terrified, a cold sweat.Here is a very famous scenic spot in the valley, called crocodile mouth, which is not yet open to the public. It is said that standing here overlooking the valley is an excellent perspective. We also look forward to one day crocodile mouth can be opened to tourists, so that everyone can see the beautiful rivers and mountains in Xinjiang from the best perspective.The glass walkway is one of the most challenging of the many thrilling attractions for intrepid tourists.In Dushanzi to Kuqa on the way, the scenery of northern Xinjiang will slowly disappear, the rugged and majestic scenery of southern Xinjiang will gradually appear in front of us, southern Xinjiang has always been dry and little rain, even the mountains are red.When the road on both sides of the red rock more and more, that we have entered the southern Xinjiang, in the end of the road alone there is also a grand Canyon – tianshan mysterious grand Canyon waiting for us.The fiery red cliffs and peaks seem to burn in the setting sun, very different from the beautiful scenery in northern Xinjiang.The mysterious Grand Canyon of Tianshan Mountains is not only red, but also winding and secluded. People feel no less than the Antelope Valley in the United States.The rocks of the mysterious Grand Canyon in The Tianshan Mountains are gullies constantly scoured by running water. The narrowest of the rocks on both sides can only accommodate one person, making it a perfect choice for shooting large films.Since you have been to Kuqa in southern Xinjiang, after visiting Kuqa City, you can also drop by Kashgar. The climate of Southern Xinjiang is not as cold as that of northern Xinjiang, so it is very pleasant to take a turn in the old city of Kashgar, stay in the folk customs, drink tea and eat the special snacks baked by the local Uygurs.Kashgar is a very suitable place for people to visit and rest after a long road trip. Here, you can experience the most full-bodied western customs. Would you like to spend the second day of the Chinese New Year here?For more information about xinjiang tourism, please pay attention to # YouJiang Lake