Yang Fulin is prosecuted!

2022-05-16 0 By

Yang Fulin, former deputy commander of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, former Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC And former secretary of the Political and Legal Affairs Committee, was investigated and prosecuted by the Jinan People’s Procuratorate in Shandong Province after being appointed by the Supreme People’s Procuratorate and investigated by the National Supervisory Commission.Recently, the Jinan People’s Procuratorate has filed a lawsuit with the Jinan Intermediate People’s Court.During the examination and prosecution stage, the procuratorial organ informed the defendant of Yang Fulin’s litigation rights according to law, interrogated the defendant and listened to the opinions of the defender.The prosecution charges:Yang Fulin using corps NongLiuShi party standing committee member and deputy commander, 14 division corps, secretary of the party committee, political commissar, teachers, corps of the third party secretary and political commissar, municipal party committee secretary of the city, deputy commander of the corps, the standing committee of the communist party, politics and law committee secretary of the advantage of his office, for the relevant units and individuals in the engineering project contracting, job promotion, and case processing benefit,The amount of money and property illegally received by others is especially huge, and the criminal responsibility should be investigated for taking bribes according to law.Source: Supreme People’s Procuratorate