Yingshan University student volunteers for four consecutive years yuanxiao Qingnuan welfare home

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Jingchu network (Hubei Daily network) news (correspondent Zou Fang) “this girl than I close granddaughter also close, every year to accompany us to celebrate the Lantern Festival, the dumplings are sweet and soft, really sweet ah!”.February 15th is the Lantern Festival.Spring in hongshan Town welfare Home in Yingshan County is full of joy and happiness.”Liu, 82, said emotionally as she ate steaming dumplings.Volunteer on-site.Early in the morning, Zhao Yudan, a senior student from Queen Mary College of Nanchang University, came to the welfare home with milk and fruit she bought with New Year’s Money. It was the fourth year that she accompanied her “relatives” here to celebrate the Lantern Festival.As soon as she walked into the orphanage, Zhao Yudan went to the kitchen to skillfully work, she rolled up her sleeves and the staff together rolling skin and stuffing…In order to make the dumplings, Zhao bought the raw materials with New Year’s money the day before, and soon a neat plate of dumplings were wrapped.Volunteer on-site.”This little girl is really good. Every year, she would come to the welfare home to spend the Lantern Festival with her grandparents. The little dumplings not only solidify her filial piety, but also let the elderly feel their deep affection and warmth.”Welfare home director said emotionally.Small dumplings, with love, warm the old man’s heart.”Since college, I began to do volunteer, every year the Spring Festival I can receive lucky money from elders, how to make these lucky money with more meaningful, after consult with mom and dad decided to put the money into a gift to the institution’s grandparents, render with serve a care for the old people, oneself also feel happy to offerI want to be the bearer of this love and pass it on.”Zhao Yudan said happily.It was cold outside and warm inside.Zhao Yudan patiently filled the dumplings for the old people and asked them to be careful.A dumpling, a smiling face, a burst of laughter, Zhao Yudan ran around busy, for the welfare home to bring a harmonious spring.