7 points +3 points +7 points!Houston rockets lost by 30 points, Kobe Bryant is out?Silas finally understood

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The NBA regular season continues with a showdown in the West as the rockets host the Spurs.The rivalry between the former Texas duo would have attracted a lot of attention, but as both teams rebuild this season, the Texas civil war has become a bitter rivalry.Seven of Gregg Popovich’s spurs scored in double figures in a 30-point rout of the rockets, 134-104.At the beginning of the game, the two teams began to fight, in the offensive end of the fight.But as the game progressed, the Rockets lost pace and fell into a scoring drought, and the Spurs built a double-digit lead.In the second quarter, the Rockets’ bench tried to turn the tide, but the Spurs were unstoppable, allowing the Spurs to build a 15-point lead at halftime.Yi played again, and the Spurs went on to double digits in one breath.The Rockets, on the other hand, never kept pace with the Spurs and the game began to collapse, with the Spurs leading by as many as 31 points at the end of the third quarter.The last quarter was a waste of time, and the Spurs won easily, 134-104.As both teams are minnows, it is the performance of the young players that deserves more attention than the outcome of the match.For the Rockets, it was a mixed game, with Christopher and Shin putting up 13 points, two rebounds, three assists and two steals on 6-of-9 shooting in 24 minutes.Shin scored 14 points, five rebounds, one assist, one steal and three blocks on 5-of-13 shooting in 23 minutes and 40 seconds. “It’s tough for a guy like Shin to come off the bench,” sellars said. “But with Wood in front of him, Shin has to continue to learn and he believes shin can do more.”With two bright rookie opposite is no. 2 green, after being selected by the Rockets, the outside world once had high hopes for it, even some people think green’s upper limit is the god of basketball Jordan, the lower limit is Kobe Bryant.As a result, so far, Green’s performance has been unsatisfactory, but also suffered from injuries.Green continued his slump, shooting 3-of-16 and 1-of-8 from 3-point range, with just seven points, four rebounds and one assist.It was also a snapshot of green’s recent stretch, with seven points on 3-of-16 shooting, three points on 0-of-11 shooting and seven points on 3-of-11 shooting in the past three games.In the past six games, Green has taken 32 shots from beyond the arc, making just three and shooting less than 10 percent.Even after stretching the timeline to nearly 10 games, Green was terrible, making just 10 of 54 outside attempts and shooting 18.5 percent.Green’s performance has been questioned, even some fans believe that the second spot will be lost, the Rockets misjudged.In fact, Green has been down for a while because he’s been changing his shooting hand, which is supposed to fluctuate because touch and hand shape require a lot of shooting to form muscle memory.It is worth mentioning that after the game, Green took the initiative to choose a person back to practice shooting, personal efforts can be seen.What’s more, coach Silas finally got the hang of it and started using Green during garbage time to play with players like Christopher and Shin Kyung. Nothing is more important to a young player than playing more games.In addition, Green has shown great physical talent in his limited games since the start of the season, and has repeatedly finished the dunk.Green’s emotional intelligence is also on the line, at one point choosing to wear a “Yao Dynasty” T-shirt in honor of team legend Yao Ming.So Green has assembled most of the ingredients for success: talent, hard work, emotional intelligence and opportunity.All he needs is time, patience and a little luck, so for Rockets fans, it’s just a matter of staying patient and waiting for Green to grow.He’s unlikely to be a “Michael Jordan at the top, Kobe at the bottom,” but with that kind of talent and hard work, there’s little chance he’ll ever get away with it.