Ningxia immigrant Spring Festival couplets warm hearts thick feelings

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Guangming Daily reporter Wang Jianhong Zhang Wenpan Guangming Daily correspondent Qian Youhui During the Spring Festival, at the foot of Helan Mountain in Ningxia, Yinchuan City, Yongning County Minning Town Funing Village Zhaohong Cultural compound is very busy.I heard that artists from ningxia Federation of Literary and Art and Ningxia Academy of Calligraphy and Painting would come to write Spring Festival couplets and send blessings.”Now the days are getting better and better, and everyone has something to look forward to. To ask for a pair of Spring Festival couplets is to ask for a good meaning and a good color, and the next year will be more prosperous.”Funing village villager Zhao Shunyi said.During the Spring Festival, the ningxia hui autonomous region party committee propaganda department, the civilization office, wen hall, federation and other units jointly organized “the Chinese dream” – culture into the thousands, “enjoy New Year holidays activities such as art works by the new Spring Festival pictures, first came to resettlement area MinNing town, let poverty people experience the” culture “in the New Year.”The Communist Party helped us move out of the mountains out of poverty, I want a sense of the party’s gratitude couplet” “I look forward to the next year’s days continue to flourish”…The villagers competed to choose their favorite Spring Festival couplets and the word “fu” for artists to write.In the face of the villagers’ eager eyes, despite the cold, the painters and calligrapher stopped to warm their hands and continued to write, with vigorous strokes and vivid spirit, sending peace and blessings to the local residents.Not far away, at the Minning Town Tourist service Center, 60 works of 2022 New Year paintings from all over the country are on display in the hall. From time to time, tourists pick up their mobile phones and take photos with the paintings on display.In addition, the scene also organized for the masses to take photos, gifts of family photos, the atmosphere is happy and peaceful.Song Yan, chairman of Ningxia Calligrapher’s Association, has been writing couplets to send blessings for more than 20 years.He told reporters that a few years ago, colorful, diverse patterns of printing couplets popular, handwritten couplets were relatively cold.However, during a cultural trip to the countryside, he saw a long queue of people waiting for a favorite pair of handwritten couplets at a farmers’ market in a township in the mountainous region of southern Ningxia.”In my interactions with you, I gradually feel that people are living a better material life, attaching greater importance to Traditional Chinese culture, taking part in cultural activities with greater enthusiasm, and living a more sophisticated and ambitious life.”Song Yan sighed.Minning town immigrant masses Zhao Hong said, more than 20 years ago, the villagers dragged all their belongings moved from the mountains, came to a flat Helan Mountain roots.When I first came, I was poor. I could not ask a professional calligraphy teacher to write Spring Festival couplets. Even so, I would never settle for sticking Spring Festival couplets.Immigrants from different counties to discuss, write good people take the initiative to write the task of Spring Festival couplets, they went to the town to buy red paper and ink, write Spring Festival couplets and then send door to door.It was such a small thing that brought immigrants closer together.In recent years, immigrants do not worry about food and clothing, gradually accumulated “spiritual wealth”.In 2002, Zhao started to organize a Qinqiang opera troupe. During his off-season, he took villagers to watch operas and write calligraphy.Gradually, his cultural compound became more and more popular. Drinking tea, playing plays, playing chess and practicing music made the immigrant’s life more and more full of cultural activities.”When people are all in one place, the way of life is different.Compared to the days of drinking alcohol and playing mahjong when you earned a little money, now is a good harvest both materially and spiritually.Cho hung said.Guangming Daily (February 11, 2022 edition 02) [Editor: Xu Hao]