SONY’s new AI Sophy has been unveiled, designed specifically for the GT series

2022-05-17 0 By

SONY has announced the release of Gran Turismo Sophy, an ARTIFICIAL intelligence created for the GT series, as part of the Race Together media campaign,SONY claims the new AI trained with Gran Turismo Sport can compete with the best Gran Turismo players in the world.In addition, Gran Turismo Sophy’s designs don’t feel unfair or superhuman.Gran Turismo Sophy is an ARTIFICIAL intelligence built in collaboration with SONY AI, Polyphony Digital and SONY Interactive Entertainment’s Cloud Gaming team.In development testing, Gran Turismo Sophy competed against four of the best Gran Turismo Sport players in the world in two different events, one in July 2021 and the second in October 2021.In the first test, Sophie scored 70 points in three different competitions, compared with 86 for the human group.After months of training, Gran Turismo Sophy scored 104 points in the second round of tests, compared to 52 for the human group.Sophy won every race in the second test and set the best lap time.Sophy trained through a deep reinforcement learning system using SONY Interactive Entertainment’s Cloud gaming infrastructure.The system trains AI in three ways: Physical Realism, which teaches Sophy to control cars and take advantage of track features;Realtime Race Tactics, which instructs the AI to master passing and optimize its use of the track;And Sports Etiquette, which trains Sophie to drive aggressively but fairly.SONY noted that Gran Turismo Sophy is a different kind of AI from the likes of chess, chess and Go, as well as AI developed for RTS video games such as AlphaStar and OpenAI Five AI.Where these AI usually work with tactics and strategy, Sophie must also deal with some simulated physical properties.Essentially, ai has to learn how to drive a car and deal with its physics, and then learn how to win a race against a human opponent.While Sony AI’s goal was to develop an AI that could compete with top GT drivers, the team also saw the importance of creating an AI that would be fun for top drivers as well.Gran Turismo Sophy’s designs don’t feel unfair or superhuman.While Gran Turismo Sophy has shown very impressive results, this is not what you should expect to see when GT7 is released.Sony AI and PDI will explore how to integrate GT Sophy into future releases of the Gran Turismo series, said Michael Spranger, chief operating officer of Sony AI.