We live our separate lives, and sooner or later we get divorced. Even if we don’t get divorced, our marriage is dead in name only

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Some people actually said that the marriage is happy, the husband and wife live separately is a happy marriage?Apparently not.In the marriage of each husband and wife on the surface seems to be nothing, in fact, because of a variety of contradictions can not be solved and lead to who also ignore who, is the same as strangers, each live their own lives, such a marriage is in fact only the name of marriage, no marriage.Each lead each husband and wife actually marriage early in name only, each other already disappointed to the other side, just because of some reasons still maintain the empty frame of marriage.In the outsiders look husband and wife live their own quarrels and contradictions, in fact, their contradictions in the heart, or separate living, has no reality of husband and wife, became the most familiar strangers!01 separate couples also have a great impact on their children, it is better to directly divorce couples, children in the middle of the difficult to be, with no one, even no sense of home, no sense of security.I have a couple here like this, after a few fierce arguments, they don’t talk to each other, even when they meet, they pretend to know each other, and they live their own lives. They don’t care, but they suffer from their children.They have a child, about 10 years old, the child to his mother is not, to his father is not, always feel that he is an extra.There are several times when the mother took the child to meet the father pretending not to know let the child very sad and embarrassed, the child met his father is happy, to two adults pretend not to know, who also ignore the scene let the child very embarrassed!The kid’s innocent. Why put him through this?Isn’t a happy couple who live separate lives?How does a happy marriage make one’s family members sad and embarrassed?Why do two people live together?Isn’t it for creating a happy, joyful family?Who doesn’t love a happy family?Who doesn’t like a lap around their child?It must be gratifying to see his family at peace and unity.And marriage each live their own, it is better not to get married, do not get married is also each live their own ah, then why get married and then each live their own?Isn’t this about getting innocent people in trouble?The children, the parents of both parties, and finally both the husband and wife are not happy, why?Husband and wife are not necessarily tied together to live, at least together to work hard to manage the marriage well, each live separately said not to listen to is actually selfish, since two people got married to become a husband and wife that responsibility is two people together to manage the marriage into appearance, rather than marriage in name only.Although marriage is two people of husband and wife, but it involves a family, this family is not only two people of husband and wife, there are children, husband and wife have their own, that child will be in the choice difficulty disease!Therefore, the marriage of the husband and wife who live separately will not be happy, and some selfish people who live separately will not mistreat themselves, is this what they call happiness?Marriage is divorced sooner or later, not divorced more will not feel happy, marriage is equal to no marriage can be happy?Such a marriage can see that there are a lot of problems, husband and wife do not understand each other, and even both sides are very selfish, on the surface still maintain the framework of marriage, in fact, marriage has long been in name only, husband and wife already become strangers, and even hate each other.