Zhou Xun walks to the airport in pajamas!She’s too successful for a 47-year-old woman

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Zhou Xun’s private suit model super grounding gas, without the star shelf she appears more lively and lovely.Wearing a baseball cap and a mask, Zhou looked relaxed and chic in her pajama style.Zhou Xun wears casual outfit so good-looking, because the modelling of extremely simple wind coworks the ornament of light color department, get tide fan easily, even if do not show face, also can highlight the charming temperament of image.For a minimalist pajama look, color is the most important thing.Zhou Xun’s outfit is loose and thick, it is the warm warmth collocation measure that goes out for winter place to do, but bring lazy amorous feelings however, basically still depend on the advanced feeling that reflects in color and design collocation.1. Basic light color is the first choice to wear casual pajamas at the airport out of their own personality, only the Skitter!The color palette is simple and trendy, because Zhou xun opted for an overall light color palette, using individual prints to create a stylish look.Although no color matches the whole body, you can still find the soft feeling brought by light color contrast.Whether it is saturated or dark light color, can show the effect of minimalist style.In terms of the difficulty of wearing, light color collocation is a choice that white people can gain benefits when they just get started. Compared with dark color, it is easier to wear a calm and active temperament and light up their personality easily. Therefore, light color is more versatile and more flexible than dark color.From Zhou Xun’s jacket, the ink print jacket is much more obvious, compared with pure white, more arrogant and domineering feeling, rendering out their own unique taste.The place with the brightest eye depends on the neck part, the gray white of furry fastens collar to realize heat preservation effect already, rise to adorn integral colorific effect again.Judging from zhou xun’s bottom color scheme, she uses the thousand bird case series, which is the obvious reason for the pajama style.Light gray with advanced texture, low saturation has a hazy feeling, with the coat white ink printing pattern, a kind of lazy and leisure tone, casual wear a unique pajamas temperament.2. Winter wear clothes loose profile by most packages very dense, otherwise, the effect was less than warm cold, zhou xun private servers modelling obviously followed the radian of panasonic on tight, look from shoulder position, thick collars covering the upper curve, therefore the trousers version below need some breathing space, is not a double expansion.There are several reasons why Zhou Xun’s style of pajamas can wear a damp taste. One of them is that Korean original style makes the overall style more gentle and casual.From the perspective of visual effect, although the light color is relatively low-key, it still can not cover the play of neat modeling. The style of printed coat + qiandao Pants easily holds the fashion sense.The nightgown of Zhou Xun is mixed build wind languid is revealing to reduce age lazily, another reason that she grasps dress up tender essence is the ply that uses fabrics will build a quite broad temperament, the collar hairy design that adds cotton-padded coat outside, bulgy Zhou Xun changes everyday is recreational and optional.4. The rest of the single ornament overall style take Zhou Xun’s body modeling, although there is no curve enchanting figure, but still can not resist my charm.This is because Zhou Xun accomplished delicate an organic whole in visual harmony, can see from her white duck cap and white canvas shoe, match color to emphasize concise change, protruding temperamental qing li feels, this just is low-key change beautiful key.The reason why Zhou Xun can create his own school of pajamas, shows that the details of these items are very important, white is originally a spotless color, a little dusty temperament, with light color can play a plus one greater than two effect.You can see zhou Xun’s face is not enough to attract attention, full of girly feeling, this is the effect of lazy pajamas play out, let the 47-year-old Zhou Xun become a lot of younger.