A shock!Wu Dajing failed to defend the title, China and South Korea were wiped out, Hwang Daheon again foul

2022-05-18 0 By

Two gold MEDALS were won in short track speed skating at the Beijing Winter Olympics, in the women’s 3,000-meter relay and the men’s 500-meter relay.In the men’s 500m event, China has the ability to win gold.Wu Dajing opened his way of defending his title, the last Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, Wu Dajing is relying on his own strength, far ahead of the South Korean people behind a clean gold medal.This return home competition, Wu Dajing as the defending champion, will defend their honor.Wu dajing will be joined by Sun Long and Ren Ziwei, who won two gold MEDALS in this Winter Olympics.In the quarterfinals:Chinese players all and Sun Long first among the first group to play, but all and Sun Long unprepared, obviously not able to take advantage in the departure time, eventually affected by Russia’s Olympic athletes, let all not to achieve transcendence, with the team’s third place finish, for the semi-final, the teenager Sun Long also failed to qualify.Wu Dajing, the last champion, is more stable, in the same group of players, Wu Dajing has been in the leading position, with the group first result, successfully promoted to the semifinals.The semifinal is divided into two groups, Wu Dajing in the second group, his road times is the third way, although the road times is not very favorable, but Wu Dajing as long as can bite the first, the final hope is also very big.In semi-final group 1: The Russian skater crosses the finish line first. In this group, the competition is relatively fierce, and there is physical contact during the process of passing.In the end, it was the Italian player who made it to the final as the second in the group.Semifinal group 2: Wu Dajing third way starting, starting, Wu Dajing ranked in the third place, since then Wu Dajing has been looking for opportunities to exceed, in the last lap, Wu Dajing seized the opportunity, but helpless physical strength, to group third across the finish line.Finally, Wu Dajing failed to defend the gold medal, advanced to the GROUP B final.Meanwhile, Hwang Dae-heon fouled again, leaving Korea out of the race for gold in the men’s 500 meters.