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The overall youthful appearance, combined with the luxurious interior, is unforgettable.The appearance of these two generations of models tends to be younger, especially audi’s matrix headlights, which shine more brightly in the dark night. The strength of Audi lamp factory is really worthy of its reputation.The tail shape of the new car changes little, and cash models basically keep consistent.The front grille has the same all-new design as the Audi A6L.New models in the appearance of the model and cash to maintain the same, its main configuration for adjustment.The through-through chrome trim at the rear further stretches the look, which, combined with a duck-tail spoiler on the trunk lid, creates a more sporty feel.The new generation of Audi A6L whole vehicle minimum with the same steering wheel, the shape is very unique.In terms of seats, 4 of the 12 models use a mixture of leather materials, while 2 models are imitation leather, although the material is relatively simple, but the comfort of the ride is ok.In terms of vehicle interior, the overall styling of domestic models remains the same as before, but the overall texture has been improved, and the interior will provide a more simple design style.The interior of the new Audi is also one of the best in its class and no less than that of its competitors.In the new car interior, the new generation of domestic audi A6L using the audi family’s latest virtual cockpit design, the overall look more fashionable.The new Audi A6L is a model of both interior and exterior repair.In terms of driving assistance, the new Audi A6L model is equipped with the adaptive cruise system in the full speed domain, while the advanced Audi models are still mechanical.The car also has quite a variety of features, such as head-up display, panoramic sunroof, automatic air conditioning and so on.The two large screens are also very impressive. The integration of the dashboard and the central control screen is very perfect, full of science and technology.And this new Audi A6L is also very complete in the scientific and technological configuration, the new car is equipped with audi intelligent driving assistance system.This series of driver assistance systems takes into account the convenience of driving and parking on everyday urban roads.With the outline of daytime running lights, so that the front face more sports atmosphere.In the same class of cars, audi A6L’s space performance is in the upper middle level, but it can meet the needs of daily use.In the central armrest of the back row, the cup holder is integrated. The control of air conditioning and lighting is completed by the old solid buttons, showing a strong sense of science and technology.In addition, the performance of the new car in storage space is relatively excellent.In the domestic automobile market, a car often plays a leading role. On the one hand, it is a national model with advantages such as large space and rich configuration.The biggest feature of this car, in addition to the performance in space, its power is also very good.At this level, consumers are demanding space, and the Audi A6L certainly doesn’t disappoint.In terms of power, audi A6L is equipped with two 2.0T high and low power engines, matched with a 7-speed dual clutch gearbox. The high power version has 224 HP and 350 N · m power output, which is very powerful.Such a model also gets a comprehensive power upgrade, with a maximum output of 224 horsepower.Depending on the configuration, the A6L also has a 2.0-ton plug-in hybrid system to boost performance.The engines are also different, with 190 horses in the 2.0T and 340 horses in the 2.5V6.The maximum torque of its 40 TFSI model is 850 N·m/1500~4400rpm, and the acceleration time of 0-100km/h only needs 7.5 seconds.(A small program has been added here, please go to the Understand Car emperor client to view)