Changan Auchan X7 PLUS enjoy the New Year car purchase fund of 3000 yuan

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When the red when self-improvement!On October 17, changan Auchan X7PLUS, a high-performance intelligent SUV, was officially launched worldwide. The new car launched two power combinations of 1.5T+6MT and 1.5T+7DCT, a total of 9 models, as well as up to 6 kinds of body colors for users to choose from. The official guide price is 79,9-133,900 yuan.Changan Auchan X7PLUS adopts new natural aesthetic design, layered and scattered double duplex lattice grid, and split LED crystal transparent headlight integration in terms of vision, Changan Auchan X7PLUS with 0.618 gold curve straight ratio to create a very classic Oriental aesthetics,High and low at random and symmetrical cloud lake wide environment hugging central console, mirror Park double wall integrated high precision double screen design, so that the visual definition of comfort.In terms of hearing, Changan Auchan X7PLUS car a total of 52 NVH programs, efficient “static” a variety of vibration noise, perfect resistance to high-speed tire noise and wind noise, so that engine noise exhaust system noise eliminate no trace, bring 37 decibel breath level silence, so that hearing redefine comfort.In the sense of space, Changan Auchan X7 PLUS 4730mmx1870mmx1720mm of the large overstep body, 2786mm ultra long overstep wheelbase to create a comfortable and wild large space;The 140mm second row leg space truly realizes the freedom of “two legs”, 650L-1407L can evolve the full scene trunk design, fully meet the needs of all kinds of users, so that the sense of space redefine comfort.: Lower order users will enjoy a discount of 7000 YUAN 50,000 36 zero interest: lower order users can participate in the lucky draw up to 1888 yuan cash red envelope 100% of the winning activities three set enjoy 】 : lower order instant free price of 2880 yuan “Full of energy” car gift package: to the store test drive, you will get a gift worth 68 yuan New Year gift:Auchan X7plus exclusive New Year car purchase fund 3000 yuan car delivery gift: value 4000 yuan enjoy car delivery gift package financial gift: car purchase enjoy 50,000-90000 yuan.Low interest loan replacement gift: replacement subsidy up to 4000 yuan Zhilianli: super long free basic flow 5 years CCTV /QQ Music Choose one of (CCTV 1 year flow /QQ music 1 year member rights and interests) New Year red envelopesOther welfare activities will be held from February 20, 2022 to February 20, 2022, excluding the manual comfort type staff (teachers, doctors and civil servants)