Eight years ahead of BBA, BYD is so tough!

2022-05-18 0 By

Under the general trend of global energy form transformation, the world’s mainstream car enterprises have given a timetable to stop selling fuel cars.Mercedes-benz: Brands including AMG and Maybach will stop selling all-fuel models in 2030.BMW: stop selling petrol cars in eu markets by 2030.Audi: Last all-new internal combustion engine model in 2025.Vw: stop selling petrol cars in eu markets from 2035, other markets as appropriate.Toyota: Full electrification in China, Europe and North America by 2030.Honda: 2030 to achieve EV, FCV accounted for 40% of the total sales.All manufacturers have agreed to stop selling petrol cars in 2030.The year 2030 seems quite far away, but it’s like a Jacky Cheung song — so close, so far.When we all cherish the last days of gas-powered cars, BYD suddenly announced on the night of April 3 that it would stop producing gas-powered cars starting in March.That means BYD became the first car brand in the world to stop producing and selling gas-powered cars.Byd also announced that it will focus on pure electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, also known as EV, DM-I and DM-P.Byd’s plan to stop selling gas-powered cars was practically expected, but somewhat surprising.In the past two years, BYD has devoted almost all of its research and development to pure electric and plug-in hybrid products, with older models either being upgraded to EV power or using the industry-leading DM-I.In the eyes of consumers, BYD must choose to buy “electric” models, otherwise they will not experience the core essence of its brand.Buy BYD do not buy new energy, like eating clear soup hot pot in Chongqing, white spend this money not to say, why go all the way to Chongqing to eat?The same goes for byd fuel cars.How technologically advanced is BYD in electrification?Before mercedes-benz and after Toyota, the world’s two auto giants have taken the initiative to invite BYD to cooperate in new energy, hoping to help byd enter the field of new energy through byd’s core technology in the electric field. Therefore, BYD seems to become its own brand and even the synonym of new energy vehicles around the world.As early as June 2021, BYD had revealed that it had stopped the planning of pure fuel models. By April 3, before the announcement of stopping the production of pure fuel cars, BYD only sold pure fuel models including Song Plus, Song Pro, BYD F3 and Tang. The number of fuel cars added up to no more than a palm finger.It accounts for a very small percentage in the product layout of the whole BYD brand, and the sales of fuel cars in 2021 will only account for 18.4% of byd’s total brand sales.Last year, BYD introduced a new line of Marine life, which is entirely electric, and a new line of Marine ships, which is plug-in hybrid and does not have a purely gasoline-powered vehicle, further illustrating the company’s plans to move away from gas-powered vehicles.Instead of spending more on developing and testing new fuel models, the focus should be 100% on new energy technologies including EV, DM-I and DM-P.Is the so-called “expertise”, BYD belongs to the leading position in the field of new energy, and recognized by consumers, so to develop new energy power is the right decision, if you want to pursue the market position of fuel and new energy at the same time, to achieve a dominant market position, the effect may be counterproductive.Before this, many consumers who bought BYD DM-I models have complained that it takes too long to wait for a car. With the production stop of fuel cars, DM-I’s production line is expected to expand to realize the improvement of production capacity, so as to shorten the delivery time.At present, there are almost no pure fuel cars on BYD’s official website (only F3 is left), and all EV, DM-I and DM-P models are also more consistent with BYD’s Slogan — Technology, Green and tomorrow.China is trying to become carbon neutral, carbon peak “double carbon” goal, needs through various industries for reducing carbon emissions, as carbon emissions “large” cars, byd is to take the lead in response to the call, became the world’s first halt to the sale of fuel car brands, and earlier than other brand plan for 8 years, took the unprecedented step.It takes courage and even more courage to take this step.We always say, for the first time in the world to eat crab people know to the taste of the original is so delicious, and now it is the same, give up the brand of lower fuel car market and the full development of new energy power, is not a bad thing for the brand, build a unique brand label, let more consumers when it comes to new energy vehicles will be the first time think of byd.