Snow shrew dao line: let you choose the top four women’s grand masters, you will choose who?

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Snow in the fierce knife line of rivers and lakes is not only men, women can also create a prominent reputation in rivers and lakes.As the saying goes, “women can hold up half the sky”, if only men’s rivers and lakes, that call what rivers and lakes, women in the same martial arts do not lose men.In this era, not only among men appeared a lot of martial arts genius, women also emerged a lot of heroes.The only female jianxian Jiang Mud, The Main white luoyang, the main white luoyang, the martial arts wizard Nangong servant shot, Wang Xianzhi’s disciple Lin Crow, Huishan mountain Xuanyuan Qingfeng, the gun fairy King embroidery of the female jade bird, dunhuang city Lord sweet potato and so on, can be said to be in the big year of the wudaoqi talent in large numbers, these are in the river’s lake on the number of figures.Although the Knife in the Snow is a hero’s novel, the women in it are still wonderful, especially the heroines.In the later period of xuezhong Handao, four great masters were selected, namely Deng Taia, Tuoba Bodhisattva, Huyan Dagan and Xu Fengnian.But these four are all men, so if you could choose the four great masters among women, who would you choose?Jiangni jiangni was a servant girl in the Palace of Beiliang since she was a child. She was bullied by Xu Fengnian and never practiced martial arts.But you can’t hide the fact that she’s kendo.In the Wudang mountain ginger mud to write the oath to kill stick inside revealed no small jianqi, this is wudang Taoist personally admitted.When Jiang Ni travels with Xu Fengnian, Li Chungang always wants to teach Jiang Ni swordsmanship and take her as his apprentice, but Jiang Ni doesn’t want to learn it herself.Want to know Li Chungang but spring and autumn 13 armour sword armour, jiandao this piece Li Chungang does not say the first, it is also the first three.Would there be any difference in his opinion of the apprentice?Behind the nature of the performance of Jiang Ni is really very outstanding, become the lake in the female sword fairy.Once in order to stop Wang Xianzhi out of the sword, a total of two swords, a sword “fall son”, a sword “open the door of heaven”.Wang Xianzhi also praised these two swords.Sooner or later, Jiang Ni will become the world’s famous sword Lord, as a woman of the land immortal, even than the previous Wu Su also not mention much.Indeed, Jiang Ni did not have many brilliant achievements, but by her sword Wang Xianzhi, by her war in liangmang white drumming, by her female sword fairy, the realm is placed in this.Second: the south palace servant shot to follow Xu Fengnian’s first trip back to the south Palace servant shot, can be said to be the best genius on the wu road, into the tide pavilion is just into a product, and the first time to listen to the tide pavilion is refers to the mystery.Don’t just look at the appearance level of Nangong servant shot is the first appearance level list, in martial arts is second to none.Li Chungang once commented that she was the one who could fight Wang xianzhi in the future.Li Yishan had also commented that after ten years of cultivation in the cabinet, all sentient beings could not be found here.Li Chungang need not say more. Li Yishan is one of the top strategists of the whole era, with top-notch vision, pattern and wisdom. What he says must be based on something.Nangong servant shot once in order to save Xu Fengnian versus Tuoba Bodhisattva, with eighteen stops will Tuoba Bodhisattva repelled.You should know that if Nangong Bodhisattva can use 19 times, he is already invincible.But the end is the nangong moved, from then on no nineteen stop.Therefore, Nangong was put in the second place, otherwise it must be the first.Luoyang in white was the queen of Daqin eight hundred years ago. She searched for the Emperor of Daqin for eight hundred years. Now she is in heaven.Luoyang alone twice killed the North Mang, killed to the North Mang palace, even if also ten thousand riding difficult cover its front.Once in dunhuang city war Deng Taia, two battles Tuoba Bodhisattva, but also destroyed Tuoba Bodhisattva’s ascending weapons.Later, liu Songtao, who fought against the land gods, won and became the master of The Zhulu Mountain and the white-clad Luoyang, the first of the ten demons in The North Mang.And fourth on the list.During the Great War of Liangmang, eighteen great masters gathered together in Jubeicheng to fight against Beimang, and Luoyang was one of them.In the end, Luoyang is also a land god wonderland, but the ending does not make clear what happened to Luoyang, but it should not live long, because her pearl has broken.Fourth: purple xuanyuan Qingfeng the world always like to wear white or a blue shirt to make a living in the rivers and lakes, but the Lord of Anhui Mountain only like purple, but also rouge rating fifth, xiangfu thirteen chief exclusive three chief.Xuanyuan Qingfeng was not good at first, although it is the direct children of Huishan, but was asked to double repair.Fortunately, there has been a look down on the father Xuanyuan jing city one day into the land god fairyland, the old ancestor regulus rock, leaving a “clean” Emblem mountain to her.Xuanyuan Qingfeng after the evil work to suck the internal force of the door to improve themselves, and then supplemented by the West Chu Jade seal air transport to eliminate the hidden danger of evil work, gradually reached the sky.Xuanyuan Qingfeng had blocked Wang Xianzhi across the river, but was eventually beaten seriously.In later Liu Songtao and Zhao Huang Chao will send their own life feeling with Xuanyuan Qingfeng, help her touch the threshold of the land gods.The original yuan Qingfeng past life is Liu Songtao love woman, but the woman is in love with Zhao Huang Chao.In the cool Mang war, Xuanyuan Qingfeng is also one of the eighteen masters, a purple clothing into the north Mang army such as into the territory of no one.After the battle of Liangmang, Xuanyuan Qingfeng entered the land god fairyland.Jiang Ni, Nangong Posha, Luoyang and Xuanyuan Qingfeng are what I consider the four great masters of women.Of course, there are many powerful women among the characters, like the third xue Song guan, jian Shi Cui flower and so on.However, the most powerful is Pei Nanwei. There is a saying that “Xu Fengnian is not really invincible, especially Pei Nanwei in the world”.