Anti-corruption and anti-corruption at grassroots level | 299 villages (communities) in Gaizhou city supervised the “three affairs” information in one code

2022-05-19 0 By

Reporter Wang Kun reported that up to now, Yingkou Gaizhou city 299 villages “sunshine three affairs” TWO-DIMENSIONAL code all opened, the masses can scan the code to access the village (community) “three affairs” information.ShengJiWei thirteenth session of the second plenary session cleaning the grassroots “corruption” as this year is the wind against ji anti-corruption is an important work, emphasis on fully implementing “three services” sunshine, request the provincial discipline inspection organs at all levels to strengthen the “three services” public implementation of the supervision and inspection, serious renovation is not open, can not open, open to question.Gaizhou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision relies on the big data supervision platform, makes full use of the county-level finance media platform to carry out big data supervision, launches the TWO-DIMENSIONAL code “one-click entry” mode, and promotes the accurate disclosure of “Sunshine, Three affairs”.”In the past, the village committee disclosed information on the three affairs through bulletin boards, but the updates were often not timely, and villagers were not fully aware of information on the three affairs, especially the use of financial funds in the village.”Liu Liansheng, secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of Xihai Subdistrict, Gaizhou City, said that the use of big data to carry out supervision and promote the openness and transparency of “three affairs” information not only promotes the standardization of the use of power by party members and cadres, but also helps enhance the masses’ understanding of party members and cadres.In addition to establishing the mechanism of public, gaizhou city commission for discipline inspection committee, strengthening supervision and inspection, relying on the city commission for discipline inspection supervisor committee of discipline inspection office, stationed disciplinary watchdog group, villages and towns (street) ji (work) committees, village (community), disciplinary inspection committee and village (community) is the wind against discipline supervisors, carry out supervision and inspection at any time and place, actively urge the villages and towns (street) party (Labour) the government implement the leadership responsibility,Township (sub-district) discipline (engineering) committees should fulfill their oversight responsibilities, while village (community) committees and the two committees should each assume their own responsibilities, identify problems in a timely manner, promote rectification, and ensure that there are no blind spots in supervision.