In 2002, experts conducted another survey of the underground palace of the Qin Mausoleum, making new discoveries and solving some mysteries

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The legend about the Mausoleum of the First Emperor of Qin has been concerned by the world for thousands of years. Only the Terracotta Warriors and horses, which account for 20% of the total area of the mausoleum of the first Emperor of Qin, have been recognized as the eighth wonder of the world by the world’s archaeological circle, not to mention the whole mausoleum of the first Emperor of Qin.Emperor qinshihuang to prove the authenticity of the legend of emperor qinshihuang, experts and again on the huge qinling dungeons of reconnaissance survey, and the investigation benefit, accidentally discovered later shocked the Chinese and foreign “five” magical things, experts in after the excavation is benefit a lot, very excited.After this investigation, what did the experts find?What is the secret behind the Mausoleum of Emperor Qin Shi Huang?How big is the area of the Mausoleum of Emperor Qin Shi Huang?This question, which has remained unanswered for thousands of years, is the first “magic thing”.The distance between the mausoleum of The First Emperor of Qin and the Terracotta Warriors and horses is not very far. The location of the Terracotta Warriors and horses is only 1500 meters away from the center of the mausoleum as a straight line, and only 1025 meters away from the eastern wall of the Mausoleum of the first Emperor of Qin. According to the truth, the construction mode of this underground palace is very contrary to the ancient common sense.The terra-cotta warriors and horses are too close to the tomb for burial. Therefore, experts concluded that perhaps the terra-cotta warriors and horses were not the burial pits of the first Emperor of Qin. In order to confirm the accuracy of this theory, experts once again conducted a comprehensive survey of the mausoleum of the first Emperor of Qin.Terracotta Warriors and Horses After the excavation of the terracotta Warriors and horses, it was found that this ancient heritage, known as the eighth wonder of the world, is actually composed of three pits of different sizes, but the area of the pits is not to be underestimated, fully as big as more than 60 basketball courts, there are as many as 7,000 terracotta warriors and chariots.Terracotta Warriors and horses such a large scale of buildings, but only accounted for 20% of the total area of the Mausoleum of the First Emperor of Qin, as for this shocked the world how big the mausoleum of the First Emperor of Qin, still have no way to know, in order to find out this problem, experts used high-tech means, the overall situation of the mausoleum of the first Emperor of Qin undertook a comprehensive survey.Emperor qinshihuang pyramid-shaped, experts found light emperor qinshihuang pyramid-shaped up to 51 meters, and the bottom is respectively, consisting of 350 m and 345 m long pyramid shape, and cemetery inside and outside are twofold city hospital, inner city close to the perimeter of 4000 meters, outer urban circumference is reached more than 6000 meters, total area is 17 times the size of a football field.After a careful observation of the surrounding environment, experts found that the whole Mount Might be the burial pit of The First Emperor of Qin, which means that there are probably a lot of treasures buried under the mount.Imagine that the terracotta Warriors and horses, the eighth wonder of the world, have been developed with only 20% of the entire imperial mausoleum. If the Qinling Mountains are completely developed, will the ninth wonder of the world be born?Of course, this argument is not groundless. For thousands of years, people have been arguing about the mausoleum of Emperor Qin Shihuang.Mercury among them spread the most evil is the mercury in the palace, this is the second “magical thing”.”Mystery” underground legend emperor qin shi huang built for himself, a clock flowing rivers of mercury, is still in his own tomb built the palace, and put his own coffin in mercury, it achieved his after death can continue to stay in the country’s wishes, of course, these are just a legend, there is no exact evidence to prove.But in the process of the investigation of the Mausoleum of The First Emperor of Qin, the experts really found a special situation, saw in these mounds, the mercury content is particularly huge, fully 280 times that of other soil, according to the results of the measurement, the mercury in the underground palace at least 100 tons, what is this concept?Domestic mercury production is only about 300 tons a year, this is still in the premise of advanced extraction technology, but in the time of Qin Shihuang, how could you have such technology?”Records of the Grand Historian” and according to historical records, it was in the Song Dynasty that the method of rapid production of mercury was really mastered, so it was impossible for the Qin Dynasty to produce mercury on a large scale at that time. How did so much mercury come from the palace?Sifting through historical records, experts found a description that, according to Sima Qian’s records of the Grand Historian China, linked the mercury to a widow named Qing in Sichuan province.Alchemists and alchemists in the Qin Dynasty were skilled in extracting mercury from the red sand, and their research on this substance was also quite thorough. They knew that mercury was not only very toxic, but also antiseptic and sterilizing. Therefore, mercury was used in people’s lives and tombs at that time.The emperor was buried it also makes the refining the technology obtained the rapid development of mercury, coupled with the ancients love study of the so-called “forever”, and mercury is a kind of indispensable material when an alchemist, so production will make mercury become very big, so at the time of qin shi huang was buried, soon start to produce large amounts of mercury for burial.Placed the film and television as the tomb of the first emperor, of course, with so many mercury on the real purpose, in addition to the mercury itself emits poisonous to kill grave robbers, can very good prevent placed the internal, external bacteria enter is also a very important reason, which makes dungeons to has been in a relatively closed environment,It was of great benefit to Qin Shi Huang to keep his body from decay.Qin shi huang still as for the incessant flow of mercury in the underground palace can reason, experts explain is likely related to the density of coffin material, if you are on the coffin of copper, then to be able to float on mercury, because the density of mercury is much larger than copper, this makes the qin shi huang can float on the mercury river day and night, and then you can day and night patrol,The “Great Qin Empire” created by himself.”Mystery” demon tower then there is the third from the “magic”, this is about to mention the legendary monster tower “to” 9, experts at the time near the tomb of exploration, found a very strange phenomenon, at the bottom of the pyramid-shaped mound, was buried was not manor, but have obvious traces of the building structures.After careful excavation by experts, the pyramid was finally restored to the appearance of the building, which was narrow on top and wide on the bottom, and was fully nine stories high. Looking at the grand nine-story platform, experts guessed that it should be used as a sacrificial place in ancient times.But the problem appeared again, from the previous archaeological experience, all buildings should be above the mausoleum, had never been seen in the middle of the avalanche soil, but it was not long before this speculation was rejected, because then the expert sacrifice the compound found in the path in the cemetery, so the platform 9 floors is certainly not sacrifices.Then check data, then the expert in hanshu discovered a pair of emperor qinshihuang’s description “view to swim up and up into the mountains”, “off” is refers to a kind of been the tower building, “uptown mountains” is refers to the tall horses of qin shi huang, the pine trees than the mountains, and “swim into view” is, above refers to the manor and underground to the top position,That is, the nine-story platform that is more than 30 meters high.The significance of the construction of this pedestal by The First Emperor of the Qin Dynasty is probably that the first Emperor of the Qin Dynasty wanted to patrol the empire after his death, so he built it. In addition, the meaning of the ninth layer is the ninth five, which to a certain extent confirms the experts’ speculations.”Yin soldier mystery” and then the fourth from the “magic” that is “Yin through”, according to historical records, the rees in order to build the tomb of qin shi huang, a total of 720000 craftsmen, at the time of construction, also a fantastic story, happened in digging underground, suddenly feel very hard, how to dig all dig.Reese stills and then used the fire also of no help, so Reese hurried and told the emperor qin shi huang, the strange phenomenon after qin shi huang know of rees said: “since dug fixed, that went next to move some distance”, so under the approval of the qin shi huang, move next to the 300 metres, then under the manor built underground.According to the history of Luoyang shovel, in the construction of the underground palace, unexpectedly dug out three layers of groundwater, at this time the experts were curious, groundwater from where?To find out, experts began digging with the Luoyang shovel.Placed the figure when digging into the distance of nearly 40 meters underground, accidentally discovered six layers of sand, then experts see, it’s like after a layer of filter, makes the real into the underground water is no impurities, and very clear, when experts continue to dig deeper, the emergence of a moat let everybody shocked.Synthetic placed the figure but oddly, in dungeons, however, showed no signs of penetration into the water, and then after the team of mining, finally the secrets of the truth behind this, the location of the original moat is very deep, but also with the green paste mud landfill 17 meters high, on the basis of this and are stuffed with 21 meters HangTuCeng, which makes the water,It flows out around the dam, perfectly avoiding the subterranean palace.See here, the expert not help to be at that time the wisdom of people issued the feeling of praise, see the wisdom of ancients really nots allow to underestimate, as to “Yin soldier borrows a way” be how one and the same after all?It seems that the tomb will only be revealed when it is actually opened.Ever-burning lamps ever-burning lamps “mystery” fifth “amazing things”, is placed the baby in the pilot burner, in grave class content, often appear a picture, when the grave robbers entered the tomb, there is always a few during burial rooms on either side of the pilot burner, and the pilot burner seems to never be extinguished, of course, this is just a picture of the TV,We don’t know what the truth is.Stills but according to historical records, qin qin shihuang had shot a fish, and after the death of this fish, cerebrol lit, it can not go out changming st, and then put the fish oil, as the ever-burning lamps of production materials, it is said that a cubic meters of fish oil can burn nearly 5000 days, but according to the specific conditions of the now, may be true that’s not the case.After analysis, experts came to the conclusion that qin Shihuang should have shot whales, and whale grease is quite resistant to burning, but the burning whale grease can not guarantee that it will not be destroyed for ten thousand years, right?Experts speculated that perhaps when the tomb was closed, the air in the palace would slowly run out and the lamps would stop burning.When the underground palace was reopened one day, the air would flow, and when the lamp came into contact with the air, it would re-ignite, which would cause the lamp to burn all the time. However, these are just guesses, and we still don’t know the real situation.Epilogue around emperor qinshihuang’s real secret underground to many, perhaps only when the technology mature, open the emperor qinshihuang really, to the truth, of course, the lessons of history, we cannot forget, still want to wait until fully ripe, to explore these legacy in the cultural relic of secrets.Disclaimer: This article is published for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: