NetEase international 2023 Internet Elite Intern, detailed explanation of the exam

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Whew!The online evaluation guide of NetEase brought to you today, remember to give a thumbs up if you think it is good!The exam questions of NetEase are relatively simple, which are the same as those of Xiaomi, Ctrip, Byte and JINGdong. They are the simplest line tests. It should be noted that subjective and objective questions of professional knowledge may also be examined for positions such as product and operation, so we suggest you to prepare in advance.1. What is the type of written examination question for NetEase School recruitment?Questions of NetEase school recruitment include :1, speech comprehension 2, graph reasoning 3, chart analysis 1, Speech Comprehension speech comprehension and expression mainly test applicants’ ability to use language to think and communicate, quickly and accurately understand and grasp the content of text materials.2, graph reasoning each question gives one or two sets of graphs, asking examinees to find out the rules of graph arrangement through observation and analysis, and select one that conforms to the rules.3. Chart analysis mainly tests applicants’ comprehensive understanding and processing ability of chart statistics.Ii. What are the recruitment requirements of NetEase 2023 Elite interns?The recruitment process of 2023 elite interns of NetEase is as follows: resume submission – written examination – interview – offer issuing – internshipClass of 23 graduates (September 22-August 23) 3. NetEase Elite Intern Recruitment position for class of 2023NTES, founded by Founder and CEO Ding Lei in Guangzhou in 1997, was listed on NASDAQ stock Exchange in 2000. It is a leading Internet technology company in China.In the development of Internet applications, services and other technologies, China has always maintained a leading position in the industry.With a strong sense of mission for The development of the Internet in China and a vision to create a better life, NetEase uses the most advanced Internet technology to enhance the exchange and sharing of information among people.NetEase has launched a portal website, online games, email, online education, e-commerce, online music, NetEase CC live streaming and other services.The headquarters project of NetEase in Guangzhou Tianhe Smart City is scheduled to be completed in January 2019, and NetEase Game headquarters will settle in.In 2016, game business revenue accounted for 73.3% of NetEase’s total revenue.In 2011, NetEase Hangzhou Research Institute was launched.NetEase Media and other operations in Beijing.NetEase launched NetEase Cloud Music and other projects in Hangzhou.NetEase’s annual financial report shows that its annual net income in 2019 was 59.24 billion yuan;Based on non-US GAAP, net profit attributable to shareholders of NetEase from continuing operations is 15.66 billion Yuan.In 2019, NetEase made major breakthroughs by deepening its strategic focus, sticking to the content consumption field and actively laying out core tracks such as games, education, music and e-commerce.While maintaining steady growth, NetEase Youdao, Chuangxin and other business sectors have exploded with strong potential, providing continuous momentum for long-term development in the future.