Pu Xinhui shares recent situation, more and more beautiful after pregnancy, nifty short hair 6 consecutive pat!

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South Korean star Park Shin-hye, after getting married to Chey Tae-jun, has been taking a rest, and occasionally reported to her fans on IG. On February 15, she was in a good mood, with a short hair style and six consecutive shots, which caused a cheer. Everyone said that when she was pregnant, she was more beautiful!In a series of photos posted on Her Twitter account on Monday morning, Park wrote, “Is it too short?” with her hair cut to ear length to reveal a sweet profile.Although Park’s hair covers most of her face, the short cut makes her face look smaller and gives her neck a smoother line, giving her a fresh feel.Park posted a photo of herself posing in a mirror at a cafe, making cute facial expressions including pouting, sticking out her tongue, winking and raising her V.Park seems to think that being a wife and a mother means she can’t be cute anymore, but never mind that many fans have praised her for being cute, saying her new hairstyle suits her well and that she is even prettier now.Park, who is currently busy taking care of her baby, has yet to announce her due date, but her best friend Uhm Ji-won unexpectedly revealed the gender of Park’s baby on Vlog, which surprised her fans who agreed that the baby must inherit Chey tae-jun’s good looks.But lovely day are inadvertently revealed his new home, she recently in IG on drying out of the two cat lying on the sofa, also said to don’t sleep in her touch her ass, then at the end of the post to add a “not quite” information, let netizens speculate, this is her to take care of the house, be loved cat dragged down.However, Park was careful when shooting the video, only capturing the sofa area and the corner occupied by the cats. Fortunately, she inadvertently revealed the interior and appliances of the new house, which is spacious, with wooden floors and khaki decorations, giving it a comfortable, natural feel.