The strongest rain and snow in the year of the Tiger may affect the return of the Spring Festival travel rush

2022-05-19 0 By

The strongest rain and snow since the year of the Tiger hit China today (Feb. 5), affecting most parts of northwest and southern China.This round of rain and snow weather affected a wide area, precipitation phase is complex, the north is mainly snow, rain and snow mixed in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River.It is the peak of the Spring Festival return trip, we need to pay attention to the adverse impact of rain and snow weather on traffic travel, driving beware of slippery roads.Most parts of central and eastern China suffered little rainfall yesterday, with rain and snow mainly concentrated in Qinghai and Tibet. Heavy snowfall also occurred in southern Tibet, including Xigaze and Shannan, Copna and Pali, and Nyalamut.From today to February 7, the Middle East will welcome the strongest rain and snow since the Year of the Tiger, the intensity of which is significantly stronger than the last round (From January 31 to February 3), affecting a wide range of more than 20 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, precipitation phase is complex or affect the Spring Festival holiday return peak.Specific terms, the rain and snow main influence area for northwest area and most of the south, which today, Tibet, east, northwest region of northwest yunnan and other places in southeast parts have in the snow, among them, southeast, northwest yunnan, gansu and other places in southeast Tibet parts have blizzard to big blizzard, heavy local blizzard.Light to moderate rain hit parts of western Jianghan, western Jiangnan, most of southwest China, western South China and most of Taiwan island, among which, some parts of southeast Xizang and northwest Yunnan had heavy rain.Tomorrow, northern Tibet, Inner Mongolia, gansu hexi, west northwest south east, north, west huanghuai, west jianghuai, jianghan, western and southern he ethnoniedicinal parts have a small to moderate snow, among them, south shaanxi, in central anhui province in northwest, north and west of hubei, hunan and other places parts have big to the blizzard.Light to moderate rain was seen in most parts of southwest China, South China and South China, with heavy rain in central and southern Hunan, western Jiangxi and northeastern Guangxi.The strongest rain and snow process in the Year of the Tiger has the characteristics of a wide range of influence and complex precipitation phase. In north China, including the eastern part of northwest China, Shanxi and Henan, snow will be the main part, while in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, rain and snow will be mixed, and many places will experience from rain to snow.It is the peak period of return from the Spring Festival holiday, and the rain and snow weather has a great impact on road traffic. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the near forecast and drive carefully and slowly.In northeast and North China, the temperature will drop in most parts of northwest and south China under the influence of rain and snow. Among provincial cities, lanzhou will see the highest temperature drop below freezing tomorrow.Wuhan is only about 5℃. At night, as the temperature drops, the precipitation phase will turn from rain to snow, and the body feels frozen.In contrast, the next few days, not bothered by rain and snow in northeast China, North China and other places, the weather will continue to warm, accompanied by warm winter sun, warm body feeling.In provincial capital cities like Shenyang, temperatures will continue to climb from today to early next week, with the highest temperature rising above freezing next Tuesday, bringing warm weather.