Total pillow canal, concentric anti-epidemic!Suzhou come on!

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Since the first official announcement issued by Suzhou city at 15:50 on February 10, the epidemic in Suzhou has deeply affected the hearts of people in Huai ‘an. Suzhou has dealt with the outbreak scientifically and efficiently, resolutely and resolutely prevented the spread of the epidemic. On the one hand, it has carried out flow control in an orderly way.Places the first place for the shoppers to contact, contact personnel for nucleic acid detection at the same time, and report relevant information to the public for the first time in just a few days in suzhou, with groups of data gives you peace of mind and confidence ▼ to February 12, 6 cumulative collection place related goods and environmental samples, 5659 nucleic acid test results were negative.A total of 35,300 square meters have been destroyed in key places.A total of 14,737 nucleic acid samples were collected from all relevant persons in Suzhou, among which 52 persons were closely connected, and the second test results were all negative, while the other persons were all negative.As of 8 o ‘clock on February 13, a total of 14,737 people have been screened in Suzhou (52 in close contact and 208 in secondary contact), and the two nucleic acid test results were negative.The third nucleic acid sample came back negative.By 11 o ‘clock on February 14, a total of 429 people had been tracked and contacted, 272 had been quarantined and 157 were being transferred.Nucleic acid samples have been collected from 295 people, 222 results have been obtained, all negative.A total of 851 people have been traced, 543 have been quarantined, and 306 are being transferred.Nucleic acid samples have been collected from 537 people, 266 people have been found to be negative.32090 key risk groups have been identified, 32032 nucleic acid samples have been taken, and 18,729 results have been found, all of which are negative.With drinking water fate canal huaian is willing to work with suzhou’s heart tightly connected outbreak in front, side by side with resistance to disease, the common open circle of friends, social media can see the figure of huaian people besides our temperature the speed of moving huaian huaian, efficiency is also worth thumb up del delta on February 15, party secretary Chen Zhichang big data to the municipal public security bureau command center,To direct and dispatch the epidemic prevention and control work of the city on the spot.Since February 11, Shi Zhijun, deputy Secretary of CPC Municipal Committee and acting mayor, has led a team to inspect the epidemic prevention and control work of some enterprises.On February 14, Li Sen, member of the Standing Committee of CPC Municipal Committee, Secretary General and Minister of publicity Department led a team to guide the work of epidemic prevention and control on campus.Huai Su a pro-Huai Kun industrial park has become a model of north-south cooperation at this time, at the moment in Huai Suzhou friends you are still our guests!Common pillow canal, concentric anti-epidemic people of Huai ‘an wish Suzhou early zero, happiness and health suzhou come on!