Upstream changan Auchan A800 owners adhere to and confession!

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After the snow is over, in March, an epidemic suddenly arrived in changchun, jilin province, the spring city of north China.Changchun used to have the third highest traffic jam in China, but now only the empty road is left, and the city has been hit by the pause button.After the snow wrapped in snow in the world some people rushed to help, charge retrograde;Some brave the cold and stick to their posts;Some people home war epidemic, with Thanksgiving salute guardian.Among them, an Auchan A800 chooses to “swim against the current” and actively participates in volunteer service activities for epidemic prevention and control. It seems to be racing against time and is willing to make selfless efforts in exchange for long-lasting spring flowers.The city needs me to move forward. The epidemic is an order, and prevention and control is a responsibility. The world of adults is not only white and clear, but also responsible and responsible.Public-spirited activities of cafe owner Wang Jinpeng at ordinary times, this is still driving his car auchan A800, first response to a call for volunteers to join the epidemic prevention, do our best to by the pure heart, give yourself a little power, in the wind, in the snow, in every where it is needed, can be seen Wang Jinpeng open auchan A800 figure.There are no bystanders in the fight against “epidemic”, you and I are practitioners. “I have to fight the epidemic, and AUchan A800 and I will not retreat until the epidemic recurs.”Wang jinpeng said.Is mainly responsible for the green park home quarantine nucleic acid collecting work, his daily 100 kilometres of running, 100 households, walking in the center of the outbreak of “storm”, 8 o ‘clock in the morning to go out, sometimes even 9 PM to complete collection work, driving auchan A800 in city and the countryside, in the mud, day step is normal,The exhaustion is self-evident.Thanks to the support of Auchan A800, the road in the countryside is particularly difficult to travel. Even the worst road can be kept moving forward. There are also unknown contact addresses and wrong phone numbers on the way, which bring some difficulties to work.Sometimes I could not get off the bus at the prevention and control checkpoint due to the possibility of contact with sub-secret at work, and there was a small misunderstanding. After patient explanation, all of these turned into beautiful memories.Successful not in me, and I stick to a beginner’s mind must be successful, practice of volunteer spirit, nurse with Wang Jinpeng little sister, foot grinding blisters were still in insist, as a “big man” he also relentlessness, YiTangTang turn-back, moving a DNA sample box full of acquisition on auchan A800, he smiled and said, “thanks to my car is big,Or we’ll have to come a few more times!”There is a lovely child, looking at Wang Jinpeng’s “Baymax” dress, immediately salute to express gratitude, but also for him to send a sweet candy, at that moment he felt tears in his eyes, heart deep feel that everything is worth it, the epidemic ruthless people have feelings, some things always someone to face!To take!To carry out!To carry out!With a kind and magnate Wang Jinpeng, after the wind and rain, will unload tired, hope to take his family to the seaside, blowing the evening wind under the sunset, slowly enjoy this beautiful life!Beneath the ice and snow, the warm current surges;Amid the gloom, there is hope gathering.There are also many workers like Wang Jinpeng who are fighting on the front line. Thanks to every ordinary and great fighter against the epidemic, we will overcome the epidemic with one heart and one heart, stand together through thick and thin!Auchan will unswervingly stay with you in the future, but please pay special attention to the owners of the car while helping others, be sure to protect themselves and do their own epidemic prevention work.Let us march forward hand in hand and walk with a better life!