World of Tanks says goodbye to the British family hose!Charlemagne is back!

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Hello, everybody!Today we have a legendary tank that can only be purchased with bonds in the ranking (originally 15,000 bonds) – Charlemagne.Charlemagne, the original king of hearts, was Charlemagne, the founder of the Roman Empire and the father of Europe.Charlemagne, as a British 8 gold, not only has a bigger gun than the Carnarvon AX, but also has several grades of combat effectiveness.The Charlemagne tank was conceived by the British Tank Technology Institute (STT) in 1958 as a main battle tank solution, incorporating some of the design concepts of the Soviet tank, focusing on protection and firepower while being as small as possible in outline.To this end, Charlemagne references the IS-3’s arched hull and uses the main HESH 120mm low-speed gun.According to the data, Charlemagne’s firepower seems to be fine as a heavy tank, except for its low DPM and long circle retrenching time. The 220 penetration of ordinary AP shells and the 270 penetration of premium shells can also be used as a tier 1 vehicle with a.38 100-meter accuracy.The 120mm gun has 440 damage per shot and a -10 degree depression, which is the envy of a Soviet 122.The 120mm cannon has a speed of 597m/s, which can’t be compared to a trebuchet. The enemy can easily avoid Charlemagne’s shells if they see you firing and adjust their position. Fortunately, the gold shells not only have a penetration of 270 (plus the AP conversion, the actual combat effect is as good as 300),The projectile also flew at a normal speed of 924m/s.The Charlemagne who doesn’t use gold corks is not a good Charlemagne, but the use of gold ammo in large quantities will make the money flow much less efficient.Easily breakdown lion cheek 10 degrees Angle of depression, in today’s version is also like a duck to water the advantage of high single damage, change blood to break even, white piao make routine blood sell head, to see who is the head hard three expansion data Charlemagne main gun is similar to 703, are three expansion is good, but the accuracy of differential shrinkage ring slowly, walking better type, without such as shrinkage ring can also often hit completely,Looks like the data pull cross actually feel good (especially refers to the gold shells).Can you do a close throw?In terms of protection, the 1550 hitpoints of the Modified Charlemagne field are normal for tier 8 heavy tanks, and the top of the bow is between 220-230, due to the arrow type armor, the bottom of the bow is harder than the top.Most of the frontal turret is equivalent to about 200, and the ancestral headpack is equivalent to about 110.Solid mantlet is equivalent to over 400, but small in area.Overall armor Charlemagne does have one advantage, however, as its silhouette and turret are smaller than most Tier 8 heavy tanks, which gives it added defense and makes it harder to hit with a small hull (imagine hitting an ELC from medium to long range).Charlemagne is shown in the red box. Compared with emir and T56, Charlemagne is obviously smaller, making it harder for the opponent to hit when fighting with his head.Maneuverability due to turbo, top speed is 39, engine power is close to 18, as a heavy tank performance is very good, although not high speed, but fast acceleration.Very good maneuverability in small areas.Track adaptability is moderate.By contrast, the 28’s body steering is a bit of a drag span.Tracks adapt to the level of other concealed heavy tanks, the field of vision is barely full without highlights after field modification, basically enough.With the British advanced heavy tank as the crew of 4 vehicles, high versatility.Xiaobian is using supercharacteristic 4 skills half car group, is the bulb, repair, brothers, artificial bistability, fire fighting and other traditional skills learning order.Summary of Charlemagne’s location is a frontline combat vehicles, 440 single damage and 270 high in AP, plus 10 degrees Angle of depression, they can make full use of the terrain can make tons of output, but a lower DPM and long loading time, and unreliable armor, once left bunker or no teammates together, operational capability.Charlemagne is a qualified tier 8 heavy tank. As a tier 8 gold, the premium ammo has weakened its ability to earn money, and the upcoming territorial auction is also a massive bond consumption event. 15,000 bonds are not worth replacing, what do you think?Here is the tank station, always for the player’s tank public.Original is not easy, if you like our article, but also please forward to share propaganda, so that more car officers back to our own position.You are welcome to comment and discuss in the comments section below.Finally, I wish you all commander artillery shelling wear, gun gun high injury!